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macbook laptop repair mumbai & navi mumbai

Are you in search of a MacBook or laptop repair center in Mumbai? Look no further! This is the ideal destination for all your Mac’s repair and servicing needs. Whether you reside in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai, we have the expertise to resolve any issues within a matter of hours. Get in touch with one of our technicians immediately to inquire about the repair costs.

our services:
  • Apple Macbook Repair
  • Apple iPhone / iPad Repair
  • Laptop Repair Mumbai
  • Apple Screen Replacement
  • Mac Air Keyboard Repair

we can restore the life of your laptop back in 30 min

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“your data is always safe” no data is lost when we perform any repair & all repairs comes with a warranty.

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in home laptop / macbook repair - we come to you!
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we repair and service dell, lenovo, hp, acer laptops in all areas of mumbai and navi mumbai

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any issue with apple macbook pro, macbook air, imac or mac mini we can get it to fix in a day

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data recovery services, we can assist you in recovering data from a crashed laptop or mac.

who are we?

fast repairs

most of the repair can be done onsite where our technician comes with parts at your place and fix the device

grade a parts

all parts we use for repair are grade ``a`` parts that come with a warranty and post-repair performance of the device will intact.
slow? we can fix / ssd ram upgrade on macbook pro

if your laptop or macbook performing poor in term of speed and do not allow you to multitask, get in touch with us with our hardware upgrade options it will get resolved guaranteed. [read in detail]

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apple macbook laptop repair services in mumbai

our services

Greetings, visitor! If you find yourself in need of laptop or MacBook repair services in Mumbai, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in a range of services, including on-site laptop repair and service, all completed swiftly within a few hours. Rest assured, we use industry-standard parts for all repairs and upgrades, ensuring the safety of your valuable data.

We are confident that by exploring our website, you’ll discover the solutions you need for laptop and MacBook repairs in Mumbai. Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be delighted to offer our top-notch services. Our team of skilled technicians is prepared to assist you, providing same-day laptop repairs and home service in Mumbai.

battery replacement

Experiencing low battery or a ``battery replace now`` notification? Contact us. We have a ready stock of Apple Macs and laptops with warranties spanning from 1 to 3 years.

broken screen repair

For a broken, lined, or black-circled screen requiring replacement, add me on WhatsApp. Send the device's model/serial, and I'll provide you with the cost of replacement.

keyboard replacement

If a few keys aren't working or text types automatically, a faulty keyboard may be the cause. We'll attempt cleaning first; if unsuccessful, we can replace it on-site within hours.

hinges repair

Laptop won't open? Possible jammed hinges. If the laptop body is broken, we offer fabrication or a new body for the laptop to resolve the issue.

hardware upgrade

If your laptop boots slowly and hinders multitasking, we can enhance performance with on-site hardware upgrades, completed within 60 minutes.

water damage repair

Spilled liquid? Power off immediately; attempting to turn it on may damage the motherboard. Contact your local service center, or if you're in Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai, give us a call.

broken laptop screen replacement

Effortlessly swap out the damaged LED/LCD screen on your Apple MacBook or Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc., laptop within 30 minutes. If your screen exhibits damage, lines, or black spots, we offer on-site replacement. Start by adding us on WhatsApp and sending the device’s model/serial number to receive a cost estimate for the screen replacement.

For gaming or high-end laptops, a Full HD LED screen is essential. All LED/LCD screens we install are Grade A parts and come with a warranty ranging from 3 months to 1 year.

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hardware upgrade

hangs? freezing? no response? is quite possible to happen if your laptop or mac if it’s 3-4 year old we can assist you on this with the hardware up-gradation program here in which we plan what kind of hardware upgrade can boost the device speed like in some cases we only recommend upgrading ram wherein other we ask a customer to go ssd + ram and GPU if it’s possible if you can share the current configuration of the device we can assist you what to choose and cost of an upgrade

¤ If you have an apple macbook pro 2012 model md101 or md102 do check with us we can do something which will surely make you happy.

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why choose us

we can keep on writing hours on what makes our work best and reliable, we are small and wonderful. yes, it’s a biased view of the business as it’s our bread and butter. however few assurances you can expect when you opt for the service no false commitment, we don’t use low-grade parts just for sake of repair, no unwanted upsell, and right advice if we feel your device is not worth repairing will say it on your face and stop you from spending money on that device.

all the advice and recommendations we share are not just theory and works in the real world which we have gained over years of experience any amount of money you pay to us as fees we make sure every paisa must be worth it. earning money with a happy, satisfied, pleased customer is the goal while dealing with us you can expect the best possible results on repair or any hardware upgrade for laptop and mac. yes, we also procrastinate on social as you do follow us there, and if you are a voracious reader check our blog.

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