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3 Reasons to Avoid buying Apple Macbook M1 in 2022

apple m1Any electronic made by apple is best when it comes to durability & performance they do all the research before launching a product. Apple M1 is an ARM-based system on a chip that is proprietary to Apple and launch to compete with the Intel chipset. Intel is the largest manufacturer of processes chipsets this M1 is a very beta version of the apple processor hence the price of the device is quite less compared to Intel chip as they are in a process of taking all the feedback from the user so the next generation M1 chip can be much more stable etc personally we feel M1 chip are the best when it comes to performance and pricing here we will share why and who should avoid buying M1 chip apple macbook pro or Macbook Air.

Unsupported Apps:

If you are a person who uses lots of apps then you must avoid buying as still there are many apps yet to be compatible with M1 Chipset hence you will not able to install apps and even if there is an app for M1 chip the support from the developer will be limited as even they are yet learning the troubleshoot if any error occurs. Even the basic apps such as Microsoft Office etc get crash which impacts the productivity there is no doubt that in coming year all these apps developers will learn more from the feedback sent by users and error occurrence will be less. Also, you must know that M1 does not support Boot Camp nor you can install Parallel to run any Windows-based application.

Limited or No Repair:

If you are buying M1 make sure to opt for the maximum warranty you can get as there will be limited support from the third party for out of warranty as the spares and components are difficult to get which can also make the repair expensive due to limited stocks of spars. The M1 Chip is not fully equipped for coding so if you are planning to use it for any app development do check the feedback before you buy as the way intel chipset processes the data for coding no other can so far do even tho the M1 chip is way faster when it comes to booting etc.

Accessories Support:

Accessories Support: There is a lot of work that needs to be done on the Apple m1 chip it has macOS but there is much hardware it won’t support such as dual-monitor you will also face lots of issues with the configuration of printers there are many brands who have not even made the software for M1 hardware which mean even new printer will not support if you are using in a business environment you will have very limited access to devices which are connected on the network. There are many users complaining about the website can’t be reached even tho they are connected to the internet hence we suggest all our users avoid buying till the next generation of M1 is out.