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Are you the owner of Macbook laptops or Mac computers? Have you ever faced an issue with your Macbook and when you called the Apple repair station for asking about the charge of repairing it, they give you an astronomical quote? Maybe you would have set aside your Macbook so as to collect the funds for repairing it, or perhaps you’re still in search of a Macbook repair center in Mumbai that won’t charge you that much amount.


“Below, there’s a list of the most common issues we tend to see with Macbook”

  1. Liquid Spills
  2. Cracked Screen
  3. Hard Drive Issue
  4. Not Powering On
  5. Not Booting Up
  6. Running Slow
  7. The touchpad or trackpad not working properly
  8. Data recovery
  9. Keyboard issues

All of these issues could be easily fixed by a professional Macbook repair center. But the thing that would trouble most of Macbook users is its repair cost. So, this article covers some of the issues that would give you an idea of how much it would cost. So, here you go!

Macbook isn’t powering on?

One of the reasons of so as to why your Macbook won’t be powering on would that there’s an issue with the motherboard. Instead of just replacing it directly, the professionals providing Macbook repair services repair it firsthand. Doing this would help in saving a huge sum of money as replacing a motherboard takes too much money.

Macbook is running slow?

If you found out that your Macbook is functioning very slow, then it’s probably because you’ll require a new hard drive. You can take up your Macbook to a Macbook repair center in Mumbai so that your hard drive can be upgraded to a solid-state hard drive. Deciding to upgrade your Macbook with an SSD could literally speed up your Macbook in various ways. Also, after upgrading your Macbook into an SSD, you will find that it’s running 10 times faster than it was previously running. The cost of upgrading the hard drive depends upon the size of the drive.

Macbook screen issue?

Do you notice that the screen of your Macbook is completely dark or all black? Or the case would be that you would have dropped off your Macbook and now you would be having a cracked screen. Whatever the case, leaving off your Macbook in the broken or cracked screen components can affect other parts of the Macbook too. Thus, it is vital that you take off your Macbook to a professional Macbook repair center so that it can be repaired before it causes damage to other vital internal parts of the Macbook. Generally, the price of the Macbook screen replacement or repair depends upon the kind of damage and it generally ranges from the year and model of the Macbook. You can check online for the various Apple repair centers and ask for a quote for the laptop screen replacement.