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Apple Macbook Pro overheating 

macbook repair bandraApple macbook pro is one of the most loved devices by the user with its unique features such as retina display, butterfly keyboard, full HD webcam, etc make it unique and its stands out when compared with any other dell laptop. The whole design of the Apple macbook is very unique and simple and one hardly faces any issue with its hinges or display problem. The major issues faced by mac users are the overheating of the charging port or the whole mac here we will share a few tips you can try by yourself before calling the macbook repair center for repair.

Fan Less: There are many models in the Apple macbook such as A1534 etc which are FAN less which mean there is no ventilation fan to throw the hot air out from the device instead it has a high graded heat sink that is attached to the CPU & GPU which control most of the heating also the processor is designed in a way that it consumes very less power and compared to others macbook air hence these are tent to become warm which is quite normal but if you find it’s overheating we will suggest you restart the device and try PRAM & SMC reset they can make all settings to defaults and if this is happening due to any glitch it will get resolved.

Charger Heating: This mostly happens in old models of mac such as Macbook Air A1466, Macbook Pro A1278, or A1398 if you find the charger pin or whole charger is getting really hot you can check the port of the charger if you find any carbon or any dust on the port you can clean it using an isopropyl before you do you can turn off your device and take any old toothbrush and clean all the possible carbon which is visible later you can take small cotton and dip it in the isopropyl and rub it till everything look clean you can add pressure in clean it does not use any pin to clean it but you can use a toothpick to remove the stuck particles from the corner.

Servicing & Cleaning: If your macbook is older than 2 years old you can get in touch with any macbook repair center in Mumbai and check with them for ONSITE servicing & cleaning where they will remove the whole logic board and clean all the dirt stuck from the components of the logic board and replacement of the heat sink paste (thermal paste) which helps in transmitting heat from CPU to the cooling fan which generally will make your mac to run faster & smoother.

Graphics Card: There are much time many issues that can’t be repaired such as GPU issues if the graphic card of the logic board is faulty you will experience that system starts to heat as soon you will turn on the mac these kinds of issues are generally not repairable and only options are to replace the full logic board.