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Apple Macbook Repair Vashi Navi Mumbai

Apple Macbook Repair Vashi

We understand the hunt to find the right technician or apple repair center in a place like Navi Mumbai when everyone around you claims to be the best for the apple mac repairs. We at Bombay Computers located in Navi Mumbai provide onsite repair in all regions of Mumbai for laptops & Apple devices we can either fix the device at your place or we can get it pickup for repair and deliver you to your place on the same day all repair we perform on the device comes with a warranty if it falls under 90 days warranty period we refix or refund you.

we repair and service apple macbook pro, macbook air, imac, and mac mini to get to repair and upgrade your devices you can get in touch with us if you are looking for apple macbook repair in Vashi Navi Mumbai.

mac repair vashiOur Services:

Macbook Keyboard Replacement:

Any faulty keyboard of your apple mac can be fixed in 2 hours you can reach us on 977-300-4903 call or what’s app and fix the onsite repair booking for your device.

Macbook Screen Replacement:

Broken Screen or no display we can fix it all in a few hours no need to keep your device for 1-2 days for the so-called “DIAGNOSE” we do it in 30 mins after diagnosing if the part is available to get it replaced in 30 mins.

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Macbook Water Damage:

Any damage on the logic board due to liquid can be fixed you can check the pics of the liquid damaged motherboard before and post-repair done by Bombay Computers. The repair of liquid damage is very difficult when compared it all other repairs. At our apple repair center, you get 90 days warranty post repair to test the device.

Macbook Upgrade:

If you are using an old macbook and planning to upgrade it to the new macOS and have questions? do buzz us we will assist you on the chat or call you can try to DIY or if you want apple professional repair technicians to handle it you can check with us. All iMac, mac mini & Macbook updates can be done in 45 mins at your home or office post-installation we can also install the work apps such as word, excel, photoshop, etc