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Apple Macbook Repair

Apple Macbook repair MumbaiWe as Bombay computers can understand the pain to get any apple macbook repaired when apple care (warranty) expired we can promise the best repair and solution for your apple device same like the authorized center of apple our repair never impact the performance nor there is any data loss we take data as the highest priority and backup before performing any repair which can impact the data or data loss. Many simple issues like keyboard replacement, screen replacement, battery replacement can be done on spot at the workshop or at your home/office location in Mumbai / Navi Mumbai.

If you are facing any issue with your apple macbook pro, macbook air or iMac get in touch with us we surely will have a solution to fix the problem all the technician we work with are experienced and have updated knowledge about the device and macOS we make sure to check, read, experiments about the new technicals changes happening in the industry to gain more knowledge and serve you better I am sure if you will visit a store you will learn something about mac’s or laptops you never knew we are available on what’s app to send your question and we will happy to answer it if you are planning to buy a new mac or switching from windows laptops to apple MacBooks we can assist you on chat all the wisdom we will share with you it will surely help you to make a happy purchase do check our quora’s account where we write about the computers and answers to the people who ask for.

Apple Macbook Keyboard Repair: Keyboard are one of the very common of were and tare parts in any laptops or Mac as over the use of the time the keyboard starts to malfunction and sometimes stops completely its quite easy to get it replacement of any apple macbook keyboard but you must always choose original keyboard or attest grade an import quality keyboard as the local keyboard are tends to stop in few months and the typing experience is become a headache as mostly on fast typing the key gets pressed 2 times sometime it just did not get type original and grade quality will be same as OEM keyboards.

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MacBook repair in Navi Mumbai

Apple macOS: If your device is stuck while updating the macOS BigSur or Catalina you can call us we have a solution to fix it without any data loss and all it takes few hours we have noticed the system gets crashed while updating to newer macOS many customers walked into our workshop with the same question we always ask everyone to update to newer version only after the beta version