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Data Recovery Services

Did the laptop crash? Does mac refuse to boot?  we have a solution to regain the lost data. we can recover data from laptop MacBook hard drive / Portable HDD / USB Drive. If you are in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai search for data recovery services near you get in touch with us we can assist you we can do pickup of the drive for data recovery from these location Vashi / Chembur / Sion / Powai / Dadar / Nerul / Kharghar / Kamothe / Airoli / Koper Khairne / Ghansoli / Rabale and more 130+ location

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data recovery

What are the cause of data lost ?

There are numbers of factor by which data is lost the most common factor is head crashed, faulty PCB, Bad Sectors, Sata Connector or from a dead / crashed laptop / Mac if you are planning to recover data get in touch with us we can give a try we do not charge anything for diagnose and data recovery can take anywhere from 1 day to 7 days depends of its complexity of the problem you can reach us by clicking on the chat button below.  

Data Recovery Head Damaged Cost

If the “HEAD” inside the hard drive crash or partially damaged in this case data recovery become very costly in order to recover data we have to replace the head of the hard drive the head of the HDD can easily cost anywhere from 5000 INR to 15000 INR its completely depends on the model, year & brand of the hard drive many a time we even have to import the head from the origin country of the hard drive or from manufacturer and replacement of the head is done in the data recovery lab which cost additional 2000 

Crashed Macbook / Laptop

For any reason, if your Apple MacBook / Windows Laptop refuses to boot and want to access data from it we can get Macbook repair done in just few hours all you have to do is to get your device at the workshop will open it and remove hard driver connect in our working device and move the data from it.