Opening Hours

Mon-Sun 08:00–21:00


Phone Number


What are the devices we repair & Brands ?

We repair & service all known brands of windows laptop & apple macbook pro / mac air / imac /

How i can get started with repair ?

You can simply call / what’s app on 0977-300-4903 or just fill the support request form & we’ll revert you [Click Here]

How many days it will take to repair ?

We have a same day repair policy which means you will get your device back in same day. While in some exceptional case it will next day. However by any reason it will not exceed next day in case if it does as it might be for a required parts which might be not available. Atmost we will return your device and get in touch with you once we find its availability.

Is there any obligation to hire your services after the diagnosis?

Absolutely NOT. We offer a hassle free service. Hence no obligation.

Do i have to pay anything for diagnosis ?

No, its absolutely free!! we do not charge for diagnosis. You only have to pay minimum for our travelling

What types of parts do you use?

There are 3 category Original, A Grade and B Grade, Original parts are very costly if your budget it tight you can choose A Grade parts will do the job and it is reliable, generally we do not recommended B grade Parts as these are very low quality in terms of  quality & performance.

Warranty on service?

For any repair or service you get a standard 3 months of warranty & incase of parts replacement the warranty will be different from parts to parts (Example on RAM you get 3 years but on Hard drive it will be 2 year).

What are the types of support you provide?

We do all kind of hardware & software fixes, issue related with softwares can be resolve via team viewer where in any hardware we can visit onsite or you can drop the device at workshop.

What is support request form?

It’s an online portal where we accept repair request from customers & you can use it to track the status of your repair using tracking id which is generated when you fill the form. [you may get e-mail in spam folder]

How much a repair will cost?

We can answer this only after a complete diagnose of the devices.

Do i have to pay anything in advance before repair?

No, you only pay after the resolution.

Do you offer any free service ?

Yes, we do offer free remote support for all our existing customers” which mean you don’t pay anything if the issue can be resolved remotely.

What security & assurance i get when you pickup my device?

We generally fix the issue onsite, only in case if we feel issue need to be diagnose further we pickup for the device incase of any damage to your device after we pickup we take complete responsibility to compensate the loss.