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What is Flexgate Issue with MacBook Pro Display and How to Fix It?

flexgate macbookFlexgate is the most common issue on new macs but when it comes to any innovations in portable computers apple is the first to invest in research and launch the product. They try all the new ideas that can take portable computers to the next level: size, weight, or retina display. This creates the best experience for the users and that’s the reason users loves their gadget and are ready to pay extra for the premium price, while in this process there are many design flaw comes which hurts the Apple users’ trust and leads to the minor downfall of the business but company like apple never hesitate to try new things the similar example is the flexgate issues or the butterfly keyboard failure. Apple has fixed both issues in 2021 macbook devices by implementing the old scissor keyboard and the thickness of the flex cable in all the new Macs. Apple introduced all these new technologies to make its Mac lighter & slim and Apple has successfully was able to achieve that the critics point the finger at Apple by saying they are making a device that can’t be repaired by a third party due to the complicated arrangements of the components on the device, well at Bombay Computers we have successfully was able to fix battery, keyboards, screen, logic board repair at our workshop in few hours.

Technical Reason For Flexgate:

We have opened 1000’s macbook so far but when it comes to these 2018 and later versions of retina Macs there is a ribbon cable that goes from the display and connects with the logic board now the size of this ribbon cable is very much precise hence when user open the mac to the full extent this cable gets stretched and over some time the part of this cable become weak which results in flexgate also the thickness of the cable is also concerned for causing the flexgate well we have given a try to give the jumper wire from logic board to the display connector which did fix the issue but did not last long hence its quit difficult and to find the reason causing for this issue. But Apple did fix the ribbon cable length and thickness and so far we see very fewer issues.

Which Macbooks are Affected:

This flexgate has affected most of the 13 and 15-inch models sold between 2016 and early 2018. Apple did acknowledge that this is happening due to a design flaw and has come up with a replacement program for the device if you are facing issues with flexgate you can call the Apple repair center and check if that is covered under warranty.

Macbook Flexgate Repair Cost:

The best and fastest, safest, and recommended way to fix the flex cable issue in MacBooks is to get the macbook display replaced any other repair will not last longer also it can possibly cause damage to your macbook logic which can lead to to data loss.