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How to move photos from the old Mac hard drive to the new one

How to move photos from the old Mac hard drive to the new one

Planning to upgrade from a hard drive to an SSD drive or a new hard disk? Data backup is a very much important part you will need to take care of before you proceed in this article we will share simple and easy tips on how rightly you can backup data and prepare your mac for SSD upgrade without losing any data (data recovery services are very much expensive services hence make sure everything is backed up before you erase your old drive) the tips we are share are easy for anyone who has used macbook pro, macbook air or imac before. If you are upgrading on Apple iMac or 2012 macbook pro all SATA 3 type SSD is compatible. If you are upgrading on the macbook air A1466, A1465, A1502, and A1398 models make sure you get the right SSD as these Solid State Drive are very unique and proprieties of Apple.

Time Machine:

This is one of the best and safest ways to process anything in mac be it any kind of macbook repair or apple imac upgrade having a time machine handly will always safe mostly if there is any liquid spilled on your device as liquid can put your data on very high risk. The process of taking a time machine is the same on all the macOS and all kinds of macs including apple mac mini or macbook air you will need a blank hard drive that is formatted in “apple requirements” if you get a new external drive you can connect on the mac and open “Disk Utility” there you will see the new RAW hard drive select the hard drive and click “Erase” without making any changes in the settings click erase and hard drive will be ready to use. Time machine option you can easily find in the “System Preferences” also you can use “Spotlight” for searching. Once the time machine is open you will see a button “Backup Now” click that and the backup of the time machine will be in the process it may take 2hours depending on the data you have on your system. Time machine will make exact replica of your current device hence when you will restore it to a new SSD drive you will have everything as it is including your photos and music. This is the most preferred way.

Making Internal Drive Portable:

(this method is not applicable to the apple macbook air)Now, this process is very easy but it can be risky if you do anything wrong. Hence read it fully if required you can consult with any macbook repair center for assistance. Here you can directly open the apple imac or macbook 2012 and install a new SSD and using a USB drive or Internet recovery install a new macOS in the device once the installation is done check for all possible updates from the app store and install it. Once done you will need to arrange an enclosure for a 2.5 inch hard drive. As your device is up and working put the old hard drive in the enclosure and connect it externally. Open the drive access the home folder and copy-paste folders DESKTOP, DOWNLOADS, DOCUMENTS, and PHOTOS most of your data will be in the above folders b default. save all the files now in order to get your pictures open the photo folder and copy all the libraries and save that library in the new SSD storage on the same folder “PHOTOS” make sure the photo app is closed while doing this once done safely disconnect the external drive restart and open photo app and most of your pics will appear as they are.