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Laptop Repair Chembur

Laptop Repair Chembur

laptop repair chemburBombay Computers provides you a full laptop repair service with competitive pricing for any brands of windows laptops. If your laptop has gone down? No worries! Our expert laptop repair Chembur Mumbai technician will bring it to life on the same day we diagnose it for free and repair all laptop issues using quality parts or original parts from any small software issue to majors issues like liquid damage can be repaired at our workshop. We’ll diagnose and fix many issues on the laptop onsite at your place on the same day the quality parts we source are the same as branded or OEM all repairs are reliable and come with a warranty for any laptop repair Chembur we can be reached on 977-300-4903. We are an independent laptop repair company located in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai also known as the best laptop repair center for Dell, Hp, Lenovo, and Apple Mac’s

HP Dell Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement: Professional laptop display replacement for Dell HP Lenovo touch and Non-Touch. Broken, Cracked or lines of the led is the indication that display is damage most common reason for a damaged display is physical damage like you dropped the laptop or something fall on it the display can be cracked when the display is cracked it looks like a spider web on or black spot in a case when you see fully blank on the display it can be a result of internal parts which we can diagnose and assist you accordingly Our laptop screen replacement Chembur team are the expert to handle such situation and fix it in the same day we have most of the display in ready stock including HP X360 touch models, Lenovo Yoga or Dell 2 in 1 laptop.

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HP Dell Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Repair: With the time of regular use, moisture or water spilled there can be any reason for the keyboard to malfunction or stop working laptop keyboard issue can be fixed by simple replacement of the keyboard as there is the very low scope of repair our tech team can be best who can assist you with the repair or replacement along with the costing of repair you can chat with them we repair keyboard for all brands of laptops including HP, Dell & Lenovo we have a ready stock of the parts with us for all the brands. A faulty keyboard can be easily self diagnose on call or on the chat you can reach us on 977-300-4903


What is the cost of Dell HP Lenovo Keyboard in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai?
>> Approx any keyboard of a laptop can cost from 800 to 3000 depends on the model and features of the keyboard (e.g Alienware keyboard are costly compare to HP X360 keyboard or Lenovo IdeaPad)

Where I can get the keyboard replacement?
>> You can contact Bombay Computers for any laptop keyboard replacement work that can be done onsite at your place.

Do you repair Apple Macs?
>> Yes! We repair all apple MacBook pro, mac air, mac mini, and iMac