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Laptop Repair Service Center in Mumbai

laptop repair mumbaiWe all now live in the digital world and everyone is connected to each other every second by some medium of the electronic gadget mostly laptop with an internet connection. We cannot even imagine a work-life without a laptop for even one day most of us carry it when we go on holiday. Dell and HP notebooks are very much compact and lightweight which make us easy to carry wherever we go, with every year new technology the laptops has become super fast with the use of SSD (Solid State Drive) and with the introduction of lithium battery laptops easily last for a day on one charge.

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The most known brand of the laptops are Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Sony, Apple Macbook, etc these are the brands which generally preferred by the customer’s. Apple MacBook comes with mac-OS rest all have windows 10 operating system. It is always recommended to keep the Operating System up to date to keep the security up to date.

Though you are taking care of your laptop so that it runs smooth but sometimes problems might be occur due to inappropriate handling. Sometimes it is frustrating when you need laptop and it is not working properly. Most common issue arises in the window and apple laptop are

  • Broken screen
  • Keyboard not working
  • Broken laptop hinges
  • Laptop Battery draining fast
  • LCD screen back-light problem
  • Hard drive failure
  • Software / Malware issue

These issues can be easily fixed on any laptop by just replacing the parts and others issue like liquid damage, touchpad not working, motherboard repair can be fixed only after a proper diagnose which can take 2hrs to 4hrs.

Best Laptop Repair Shop in Mumbai

laptop motherboard repair

Bombay Computers offers best laptop repair services in Mumbai where in all the service we perform you never lose your data and the performance of the device remain intact. Post service its the quality of the parts we use for repair make our work different from others when you drop a laptop or we pickup for repair in Mumbai. We first completely diagnose the laptop. There are many occasion might happen with you where post-service laptop last for only a few days and then died again? We always make sure that services we delivered in a way that it should last for 1-2 years and all repair we do comes with a warranty from 3 yrs to 90 days depends on the parts is repaired or replacement. You can reach us by calling on 977-300-4903 for any brand laptop repairing in Mumbai.

Our Laptop Repair Services

  • Laptop Keyboard Repair / Replacement
  • Laptop Broken Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Laptop Hinges Repair
  • Hardware Upgrade
  • Liquid Spill Damage Repair
  • Virus Removal Services
  • Solving Internet Connectivity Issues / Network Error
  • OS Installation and Software upgrade

Onsite Services – Laptop Repair at Home

Most of the repair on any notebook can be performed onsite at your home and office which can take anywhere from 15 mins for keyboard replacement to a maximum of 90 mins for laptop ssd and ram upgrade including for windows 10 operating system installation. There are other issues such as water damage or motherboard burned issue can take 3hrs to 9hrs for which we will pick up your device, diagnose, repair and deliver back in same day, unavailability of parts can extend the time by 1 day. All repair perform we guarantee that you do not lose any data from the device and all repair comes with 3 months to 1 yrs of warranty.

Reliable Laptop Repair Mumbai at Doorstep

We know that your laptop is one of your asset and you will not allow any random technician to repair it. Keeping in mind your doubt, we assure you that all the technicians of the Bombay Computers are well-qualified, skillful and experienced technicians who will first completely diagnose your laptop and then explain you exact problem and solution for that problem. They will guide you with best possible solution for your laptop problem in your budget price. After laptop repair also they will guide you with some tips to avoid the same problem in the future.Onsite laptop repair

Key Features

{ Onsite } With onsite support we can get any issue resolved in less than 90 mins at your comfort time and place, issue with the faulty keyboard, SSD / RAM upgrade, or broken led screen replacement all these issues can be fixed in less than 30 mins.

  laptop repair quality work

{ Quality Of Work } Your data is always safe when we perform any repair the performance of your device is never impacted post-repair as we use original and quality parts for repair of logic board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which laptop brands can you repair? Or provide service?

laptop brand

We offer our laptop repairing services for all the brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Sony and Apple

What is your minimum fee or charge for repairs?


Laptop repair cost can vary for different problems. We will first diagnose the laptop and as per the problem we will quote you the price.

Does My Laptop can be repair at Home or Office?


Yes we do offer onsite laptop repair service at Home or office at your comfort time.

How much time it will take to repair my laptop?

For diagnosis, it may take 2-4 hours. For minor issues like keyboard replacement or a RAM upgrade, it may take 15 minutes to 90 minutes’ time. For major issues such as motherboard repair or water damage repair, it may take 3 hrs to 9 hrs depends on the availability of the parts at that time.

Can you diagnose my Laptop over the phone?

Yes we do. We will call you and ask you questions to identify the problem in your laptop. We will try our best to answer your issue but it may not be as effective as the physical testing. You can call on 977-300-4903 for on call diagnosis and estimate cost of the repair.

Will I get the Warranty on laptop parts?

Yes you will get the warranty on all the parts replace by us. Warranty may vary from 90 days to 3 years depends on the part.