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Liquid Spill repair Navi Mumbai

Laptop Spill Repair Navi Mumbai

Liquid On Laptop
  • Have you spilled coffee, tea or Water on Laptop?

Well don’t worry about it, we here in Navi Mumbai. Laptop repair Navi Mumbai are expert at trying to save your device Laptop or MacBook from permanent damage, and loss of data because of a liquid spill. As soon as you notice a liquid spill on Laptop or MacBook STOP your work immediately and disconnect all power connection, and if possible remove the Battery which is connected to the Laptop to save further damage to the laptop and then call us or Whatsapp us on 977-300-4903 immediately as the earlier we get to disassemble,drying, get it cleaned and repairing your device the higher the chances we can fix it.

  • How you can save your Laptop from immediate liquid damage untilwe reach you?
  • Turn off the Laptop, disconnect all power connection. …
  • Try to wipe out visible liquid with a dry cotton cloth. …
  • Turn the laptop backward. bottom up. and try to remove the battery if possible
  • Disconnect all external USB or Any hardware attach to Laptop
  • Place the dry cloth on a flat surface and open the laptop and place it upside down position on it.
  • Note: So as soon liquid is spill as we said you need to unplug everything which is attached with laptops because once liquid gets inside the laptops, it will destroy everything if laptop continues to get electricity.
  • Laptop repair Navi Mumbai Our team of Experts can diagnose and repair almost every problem including Laptop keyboard repair, Laptop screen repair, Laptop motherboard repair in Laptop, Macbook, iMac, All in One device. We are a technical support service provider with No Fix..No Pay Policy!
  • Call us or Whatsapp us on 977-300-4903