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Liquid Spill repair Navi Mumbai

Have you accidentally spilled coffee, tea, or water on your laptop?

No need to panic – here at Laptop Repair Navi Mumbai, we specialize in salvaging devices, be it laptops or MacBooks, from potential permanent damage and data loss caused by liquid spills. If you observe a liquid spill on your laptop or MacBook, cease all work immediately, disconnect all power sources, and, if possible, remove the battery connected to the laptop to prevent further damage. Contact us or message us on WhatsApp at 977-300-4903 right away. The sooner we can disassemble, dry, clean, and repair your device, the higher the likelihood of a successful fix.

How to safeguard your laptop from immediate liquid damage until we arrive:
1. DO NOT attempt to turn on the laptop (very important).
2. Turn off the laptop and disconnect all power sources.
3. Wipe away visible liquid with a dry cotton cloth.
4. Invert the laptop, bottom up, and attempt to remove the battery if possible.
5. Disconnect all external USB or other hardware attached to the laptop.
6. Place a dry cloth on a flat surface, open the laptop, and position it upside down on the cloth.

Note: Immediately unplug all attached devices as liquid can wreak havoc inside the laptop if it continues to receive electricity.

Laptop Repair Navi Mumbai, comprised of a team of experts, can diagnose and resolve nearly every issue, including laptop keyboard repair, laptop screen repair, and laptop motherboard repair for laptops, MacBooks, iMacs, and All-in-One devices. We operate with a “No Fix, No Pay” policy. Reach out to us via call or WhatsApp at 977-300-4903.