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Mac Repair Mumbai

Apple Mac Repair Mumbai

mac repair mumbaiHave an issue with the apple mac? and searching for macbook repair Mumbai? we can help you at Bombay Computers also known as the best mac repair Mumbai can help you to fix any issues with the macbook on the same day. We repair everything on apple including macbook keyboard replacement, macbook battery replacement, mac screen replacement we have a solution for all the known issues of any macbook air/pro. Our macbook repair center is located in Mumbai and serves 130+ locations for onsite repair in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai we can be reached at 977-300-4903 we are available 24 hrs on CHAT you can speak directly with the technician who can assist you with the repair or upgrade your device.

Mac Repair Mumbai: Our workshop is one place where you can get any device repaired running on macOS including apple macbook air, macbook pro, imac & mac mini we love to serve our techies are humble and experienced and can fix most of the issues ON-SITE such as keyboard replacement, broken display repair, etc we are reachable on chat or on call, of course, you can DM us on Facebook or Instagram. All our repairs are data safe no data is lost when we perform any repair on any device with us you can experience the best customer service.

Macbook Keyboard Replacement: Faulty keyboard? mac keyboard malfunctioning? you can get in touch with us we have a keyboard replacement solution for all the models of macbook the keyboard of mac can be replaced in less than 45 mins for all macbook air in case of macbook pro it can take approx 60 mins to 90 mins while replacing the keyboard we do clean and service all the parts of motherboard and cooling fan which improve the ventilation system of your device which eventually increase the performance of the macbook you can chat with us to check out our services [CHATNOW]

Mac Repair Mumbai

Macbook Hardware Upgrade: Still using an old macbook in 2021? with our hardware upgrade solution, we can make that old device run fast even in 2021 with all the latest apps and big sure latest macOS all old macs can be upgraded with SSD and additional RAM memory along with full servicing and new heatsink paste which can give your mac another life which can easily last for next 3 yrs. Our upgrade hardware the system performance improves & the heating of the device decreases while upgrade we make sure the cooling FAN is serviced and if required we change it with new you can reach us on 977-300-4903.

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

Macbook Display Replacement: Broken or cracked display we can replace all in less than 20 mins we at Bombay computers can get the broken / faulty display replaced at your place all parts are original and come with a replacement warranty the cost of apple macbook air screen can be anywhere from 14000 to 19000 depends on models the macbook pro-2019 display can cost more than 35000 also variable in price due to the color you can call and share the model and serial of the device to get the price of the parts.

Laptop Repair Mumbai: We have not limited our services to Macbooks but also repair windows laptops of Dell, HP, and Lenovo any issue with the motherboard we can get it to revive in the same day all the motherboard repairs we perform do not impact the perform ace of the device and comes with the warranty laptop motherboard repair can take anywhere from 2 hrs to 6hrs also depends on the availability of the parts in case if the parts are not available we return the device and take it for the further repair once parts are available.

Apple iMac Repair & Upgrade: imac refused to boot we have a quick diagnostic tool to understand what can be the possible issue based on the error code we can guide u estimated cost of repair most of the imac gets repaired in 24hrs at our center but the broken display or graphic issues related issue on imac can take more time also you can contact us for hardware upgrade of the imac if you are still using old imac we can assist your with the upgrade of SSD and RAM mostly all the imac can be upgraded to SSD but only a few have RAM UPGRADE options you can chat with the technicians of mac repair Mumbai to know what is the best possible upgrade available for your device.