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MacBook Air Screen Replacement Cost in Mumbai, India

macbook air screenMacBook Air’s original new display/screen replacement can cost anywhere from 22,000 (INR) to 35,000(INR) with a warranty in Mumbai, India. The display will be 100 percent original for Apple MacBook Air. Apple authorized service center costs around 40,000 around Mumbai, India with a 90 days warranty. 

Warranty Devices: If your MacBook Air is under warranty do check with Apple Authorised Service Centre if that is covered under warranty remember any physical damage, liquid damage, or fire burn will not be covered under warranty unless you have taken an accidental warranty by paying extra at the time of purchase. All Apple Mac air comes with an international warranty so it hardly doesn’t matter where you have purchased your Mac air. 

Physical Damage: If the Macbook Air led screen is broken due to a fall or any physical damage you can get in touch with us for repair we can do the replacement on site where you can verify the display before installation of all parts we install are Original and comes with a warranty. No data is lost when we perform any repair or replacement of faulty parts. 

Let’s do it: It takes max 40mins to replace the faulty/broken MacBook Pro screen replacement in Mumbai / Navi Mumbai to get started you add to send a what’s messaged to me by using the below button with the model number / serial number of the Mac we will share replacement cost of MacBook Pro screen once confirm will schedule a visit at your place or you can visit the workshop for repair, all billing is done online hence you can make payment at the time of the delivery. 

If you are searching for any other repair on Apple Macbook Air do get in touch with us here is the link to chat via whats app [Chat Now]