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Macbook Battery Replacement

Macbook Battery Replacement

Apple Macbook pro battery life span is limited & it comes with the battery cycle. This could be the first component you may require to replace which happens in 2-3 years or after you just cross 800+ cycles. A Macbook pro 13 battery replacement is very economical as compared to buying a new mac new battery can give your notebook a few more years of life & changing the battery can be done in less than 40 mins in any macbook pro or air. A new battery for Apple Macbook Pro 13 or MacBook Air A466 original battery replacement is costly when you compare our prices with the Apple service center in Mumbai for batteries replacement wherein warranty of battery & quality of the part is same as authorize store.

macbook battery replacement

How to diagnose a faulty battery or when to replace a new battery for Mac air or pro

      • If the battery does not last after fully charged.
      • If the battery cycle count is 900+.
      • If the battery does not get detected.
      • If you get a message saying Plugged in Not charging.
      • If you get a notification Service BatteryReplace SoonReplace Now.
      • If it heats up while charging.

At times there could be a possibility if the logic board/motherboard charging ic when you get a message saying battery not found or invalid battery these problems cannot be solved after replacing the battery and will require repair need to perform on the motherboard itself. We can diagnose this issue in 10 mins at our workshop or you can schedule a technician for this.

How much does MacBook pro battery replacement cost

Its depends on the model and serial number of the macbook it can be anywhere from 2300 to 12000

How much does Dell / HP / Lenovo battery replacement cost

Its depends on the model number we can share the price instantly if you can whats up the serial number or service tag number in case of dell laptop

Warranty & Part Quality

All batteries come with 6 months to 1-year warranty. All the parts we use are Grade A imported batteries.

How much time does it take to replace the battery

It hardly takes any time if the battery is user-replaceable in case of internal batteries it can take maximum 20 mins for replacement our technician can come at your place for onsite battery replacement anywhere in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

Laptop Battery Replacement

Poor laptop battery unit can be frustrating as the laptop gets shuts down as soon the charger disconnect accidentally if you are facing this issue we can get it solve in a few mins by replacing the battery of your laptop the cost of battery replacement depends on the model of the laptop, in general, the battery cost starts from 1600 INR and can go up to 9000 in case of Apple MacBook. We have ready stock of all the batteries to get started you can chat with us on what’s app share the model / serial number and will share with you the cost of replacement of the laptop batteries.

Macbook Pro 13 Battery

Macbook Pro 13 / Model Number : A1278 / A1502 / A1437 / A1493 / A1582 / A1713 / A1819 / Battery Replacements Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

Price Starting From 4000 – 12000

Macbook Pro 15 Battery

Macbook Pro 15 Inch / Model Number : A1321 / A1382 / A1417 / A1494 / A1618 / A1820

Price Starting From 4400 – 20000

Macbook Air Battery

Macbook Air 13 & 11 Inch / Model Number : A1406 / A1405 / A1495 / A1496 / A1899 / A1527 / A1705

Price Starting From 4500 – 13000