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Macbook Repair Center

Macbook Repair Center

macbook repair centerWelcome to Bombay Computers also knows as “Apple Macbook Repair Center Mumbai” Contact 977-300-4903 fast repair and service for all the macbook air, macbook pro, mac mini, and imac repair store in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai its easy to get in touch for a repair visit the store or book a technician at home we will fix at your place or in case of major issues like liquid damage or burned logic board we can do a pickup for the diagnose which get repair and deliver to you back in the same day all our repair service for apple mac are risk-free comes with 90 days of warranty and there is no data loss when we perform any repairs on logic board or keyboard replacement we do not charge anything for diagnosing or visiting we take fees only for repair and parts that to post-repair of your device.

Apple Repair Services: Getting the right technician for Apple Devices repair in Mumbai is easy you can reach any local store or get in touch with us the Bombay’s known “Macbook Repair Center” we can assist you in fixing all the issue related to mac including macbook keyboard replacement, mac air screen replacement, trackpad not working in apple, or faulty macbook battery replacement we have ready stock of all the parts and work can be done onsite at your place in less than 20 mins you can reach apple repair solution any time 24hours on 977-300-4903 for your device to get repaired.

Macbook Air Screen Replacement: Broken macbook display we have a replacement for the part in stock to get started with display replacement you can get in touch with us share the model and a serial number of the device for the display replacement cost the cost of mac air screen replacement in Mumbai can be anywhere from 14000 to 18000 depends on the model and serial number all parts we stock for repair of mac display are original and replacement can be done in 20 mins at your place you can check and verify the parts before installation all comes with a replacement warranty [PHYSICAL DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED IN WARRANNTY] fill the below call request and one of the technicians will get back to you. 

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

Apple Macbook Keyboard Replacement: Apple keyboard faulty is very common due to use and were of the keys, the keyboard is the most used part in any laptop or macbook if you mac keyboard is faulty we can assist you with replacement to get the right price of apple macbook keyboard replacement in Mumbai you can share the model number of the device mostly the keyboard can cost anywhere from 3000 to 4500 in Mumbai depends on the models the latest 2019 macbook pro keyboard can cost 8000 -15000 around in Mumbai [CHATNOW]

Apple Macbook Battery Replacement: Apple is good knows for its high lithium batteries which give mindblowing backup when compared with any windows laptops like dell, hp, Lenovo, etc if you get a message on the mac saying replace now or service battery its better to get it to replace soon as faulty battery tents to heats lots and many time it makes the charger hot which can damage the charging port and in worst cases, the charger to we have an original and grade battery for all the models of an apple macbook pro and apple macbook air’s including model number A1466, A1502, A1398, A1708, etc to get the right price of macbook battery in Mumbai to share the model number the general cost of macbook battery can be anywhere from 4000 to 10500 replacement of battery can be done at your place at your home or office in less then 20 mins all battery comes with a warranty.