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Macbook Repair Parel

Macbook Repair Parel

macbook repair parelIf you are in Parel, Mumbai and searching for a macbook repair center Parel, Mumbai to repair your Apple Macbook then you can reach 977-300-4903 for ONSITE repair and pickup drop in case of the motherboard or liquid damage issues rest all issues like Mac keyboard replacement, MacBook Air cracked display repair, battery, trackpad or charging port burned issues Bombay Computers can fix it onsite [Submit Ticket] before placing a request for Onsite repair technician or Pickup of your device please chat with the technician on what’s app share the model number of your Mac and list of issues you are facing our expert repair technicians will be happy to assist you. Starting from all the models of apple mac’s we repair & service everything.

Macbook Air Display Replacement

The Mac air display is one of the amazing inventions in the computer world made by apple they have achieved the thinness of the display with the panel to just 4.86mm without any disturbance to the quality and clarity of the display the 11inch Mac air & 13inch Mac air model are very lightweight the display of the all mac’s including Mac air is very fragile keeping safe every time must be the priority if you are a proud owner of MacBook Air but in case if you got a broken display, cracked display of any MacBook Air, MacBook Pro retina, etc do buzz us we will happy to assist you with the replacement onsite at your place in less then 30 mins promise! All parts we use are 100% original you can verify the parts before installation for any macbook repair Parel contact number you can reach 977-300-4903

Macbook Keyboard Replacement Mumbai

How much a macbook keyboard replacement cost in Mumbai? Well the cost macbook keyboard can cost anywhere from 4000-8000 depends on the model number and expertise of the technicians who install it, when it comes to macbook repair in Mumbai you can count on our technician they are very good and can get the keyboard to replace of any Mac onsite at your place in 60 mins max you can schedule a technician using our portal or just fill the contact form we will text you on your whats app

Hardware Upgrade on OLD Macbook

Still, loves your old mac? feels your mac is slow after macOS upgrade? yes, know the solution all you need is a hardware upgrade which includes SSD and more Memory RAM we can assist you with the pricing and onsite upgrade you can reach us on chat share the model number of your mac to know the best upgrade available for your mac.