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Macbook Repair Powai IIT

Macbook Repair Powai IIT

macbook repair powai iitMacBook Water Damage Repair: Any form of liquid is bad for all kind of electronics the best way to save any Apple Mac after a liquid spill is to take it to the apple repair center (Letting it DRY or Keeping in rice is a bad idea) the apple repair center technician will disconnect the battery which is the most important part and then process with removing the logic board from the body to investigate if the liquid has come off the motherboard if yes then we process to dry using heat gun which further goes into repair and testing there is no data loss when we perform any repair and all repair comes with a warranty of minimum 100 days.

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Macbook Keyboard Replacement: Keyword stopped working or few keys not working? Our professional’s technician are experts when it comes to onsite keyboard replacement of any apple MacBook Pro or Mac air with just a call you can book a technician for onsite repair of Mac keyboard all keyboard we replace for laptop is of grade A quality

Apple MacBook Fan: Macbook fan is the very important part when it comes to protecting the health of the logic board as it keeps it cool and prevents heating the motherboard which ultimately improves the performance of the device, over a period time many fans in Mac start making a noise like scratching which is due the were and tear of the fan the best solution, in this case, is to get the FAN to replace which hardly takes 15 mins you can chat with our technician on the below chart to know the cost of MacBook fan replacement and availability

Macbook Screen / Display Replacement: Broken or Cracked display of Mac? At our apple repair center, we have the solution for all Apple Macs screens including iMac 5K display of most models like A1278, A1502, A1398, etc are in ready stock we also do repairs on logic boards a faulty or dead motherboards a new month board can be very costly wherein you can get the best MacBook motherboard repair from us along with 100 days warranty at very affordable rates all parts with use for motherboard repair are original which can never your performance go down

Laptop Repair Mumbai: Our services are not limited to apple mac but we also repair all brands of windows laptops including dell laptops, hp laptops avail of our onsite service across all Mumbai & Navi Mumbai our service include laptop keyboard replacement, laptop hardware upgrade, laptop repair, etc

Hardware Upgrade: If you are using OLD 2012 MacBook pro or Your apple imac or mac mini is performing slow you can get in touch with us for hardware and macOS upgrade the upgrade process takes 2hrs which we can perform at our workshop or at your home/office upgrade will make your device run faster and smooth which can allow you to run all latest apps of macOS including designing apps like Photoshop, Autocad, etc you can reach to the technician on 977-300-4903 and speak directly with the technician who can assist you on this.