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Macbook Repair

Macbook Repair

Most of our repairs are done in less than 24 hours, few of the repairs are stuck due to the unavailability of parts after diagnosis. The repairs are performed using original or A grade third party parts which come with 3 months to 1 year of replacement warranty.

Liquid Spilled Macbook Pro: Shits Happens! On many occasions when the liquid spilled on a mac, the liquid makes its way from the “keyboard” — >” backlight” to the” motherboard”. If your mac happens to be turned on at that moment its quite possible that your mac will abruptly shut down and then refuse to turn on, If the quantity of the liquid was good enough it may come out from the bottom plate. This is one of the worst-case as it may have passed from all the components like keyboard -> backlit-> logic board-> battery -> trackpad. As soon the liquid gets on the circuit its starts the process of corrosion starts in the worst case it damages the track of logicboard or processor which makes it impossible to repair.

Things you should NOT do:
1. Do not try to turn on it can make the situation worse.
2. Do not try to put in Rice Bag the rice may get in through vents and can cause more damage.
3. No Hairdryer.

Things you should do right away:
1. Close the mac and keep the Macbook screen panel facing down on table few tissues between screen and keyboard.
2. Visit the local apple repair center ask them to open the mac and take storage out as it will make sure that data is safe.
3. Let them diagnose and repair it.

If you have spilled anything like a juice/ coke/ coffee etc, which has sugar inform to the technician as just drying is not possible and the technician may have to use isopropyl chemical to clean before drying

Will I lost my Data:
Chances of data loss is less as its a very rare case when a liquid spill has damaged the storage

My Device is Under warranty:
Unless you have opted for special warranty for liquid damage the device is not covered in the base year warranty still u can call and check with the apple service center near you.

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