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Macbook Repair

Apple Macbook Repair

mac screen replacementApple macs are awesome very user friendly & easy to learn of course they are expensive & delicate hence if you owe an Apple Macbook Pro or Apple Macbook Air saves our contact information for any Macbook repair we are Bombay Computers based in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai service onsite & pickup drop from more than 130+ location of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. We service all mac devices including Apple iMac, Mac Mini & Macbook Pro / Air if you are facing any issue with your device you can connect with us on what’s app chat and speak directly to the technician for on-call diagnosis you can also walk into our workshop or request a pick from our online portable. [CHAT LINK]

Data Safety:

All the work we perform on the macbook for repair is “DATA Safe” which means there will be no data loss when we repair your device unless there is an issue with SSD storage or Hard Drive before processing any repair which can put the data at risk we take a full backup of the device which make our repair more reliable and loved by the customers you can read what customers say about our work on our Facebook page also follow us on Instagram as we share things which we repair. If you are searching for any apple repair for your macbook we have all the solutions which can make fix any issues on the same day.

Macbook Repair:

We repair all the issues on the apple macbook pro, macbook air, imac & mac mini be it a liquid spill, hardware upgrade, macOS, or battery replacement with our onsite repair of many issues such as keyboard, battery, trackpad, display replacement issues can be resolved in less than 45 mins in all Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. We can be reached on 977-300-4903 on whats app & call. Here is the list of our services.

Keyboard Replacement:

If your macbook is having an issue with keyboard malfunction such as a few keys not working or the keyboard completely stopped working you can share the model number of the device on what’s app chat where a technician can diagnose and tell you possible reason & cost of repair. Which further ONSITE repair technicians can come to your place and get it fixed by repair or replacement if required.

Battery Replacement:

Overheating of charger can be caused by faulty or bad battery do check the cycle count & battery status which can give your an idea about the life if the battery Go to about this Mac–> click on “System Report”–> under system report go to power section and check the battery information where you get all related information about the battery you can share this information with our technician who can guide you if there is replacement required on your device. All the battery we replace for mac comes with a warranty.

Logic Board Repair:

The motherboard is a very important component of any macbook a moisture or liquid spill can damage it if your macbook is not turning on it can be a possible issue with the charger or logic board at our workshop we can diagnose –> repair –> deliver the device in the same day all macbook repair comes with a warranty of minimum 100 days to 6 months. Issue related to the logic board cannot be repaired ONSITE but we can assure you with our repair & service all the data is safe.

Tips for Liquid Spilled for apple mac users:

Things you should NOT do:
1. Do not try to turn it on it can make the situation worse.
2. Do not try to put it in Rice Bag the rice may get in through vents and can cause more damage.
3. No Hairdryer.

Things to do when liquid spilled on an Apple laptop:
1. Close the mac and keep the Macbook screen panel facing down on the table few tissues between the screen and keyboard.
2. Visit the local apple repair center and ask them to open the mac and take storage out as it will make sure that data is safe.
3. Let them diagnose and repair it.

If you have spilled anything like a juice/ coke/ coffee etc, which has sugar inform the technician as just drying is not possible and the technician may have to use isopropyl chemical to clean before drying

Will it be covered under the apple warranty:

Unless you have opted for a special warranty for liquid damage the device is not covered in the base year warranty still u can call and check with the apple service center near you.