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Broken Screen Replacement

Apple Macbook Screen Replacement Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

Searching for Apple Macbook Pro Screen Replacement in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai? Call or What’s App on 977-300-4903 / Fast Onsite Screen Repair in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai areas. We at Bombay Computers Repair and Service all kinds of Macbook and Laptops for screen replacement, motherboard repair, trackpad repair, keyboard replacement, etc. The Ready stock available for All MacBook Air Screen, Pro and the latest MacBook Air Retina Screen Repair. What to know the price what’s app <Serial Number > SPACE <Screen Replacement> and Send to 977-300-4903. I will share pricing on the spot. 

Display Not Working:

Macbook Air Screen ReplacementAll Mac’s screen is of high build quality and very much reliable when compared to any windows laptop screen most of the cases it had to replace due to physical damage only and we have seen a very rare case when the display went bad without any physical or liquid damage. Physical damage such as cracked or broken can be easily spotted after flashing a torch on the display in such cases it had to replace only. 

Remember: Physical damage and liquid damage is not covered in the basic warranty what you get with apple unless you have opted for the accidental warranty if the device is under warranty get it checked with Apple Service Centre about the coverage if they failed to replace you can get in touch with us.

Other Issues: There are other issues that can occur such as Grey Screen, Dim Display, Vertical Lines in few cases the issue can be related to the logic board (Motherboard) which can be diagnosed and repaired in a day. We can pick up the device, repaired and deliver back on the same day or the next day. 

Cost Of Screen Replacement: The cost of MacBook Air Screen Replacement can be anywhere from 15000 INR to 22000 INR depends on the serial number to get the pricing you can what’s app the serial number and year of the MacBook for an instant quotation. Screen Replacement can be done in Same Day anywhere in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

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