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Pros Cons of Macbook Air

The Macbook Air got released recently. Thus, it is vital that you take a look at the good as well as the bad side of the Macbook Air before you rush out to buy it. Obviously, it is one of the best laptop brands that are available to users. But ultimately, you would have to rush to Mac repair Mumbai if any functional error arises. Since the time Macbook was released, it has undergone many changes to give the users the best of it. The new release of Macbook Air gives the system a major overhaul. While Macbook Air is still thin and with its lightweight design, but there are some other changes regarding the performance and display that you need to check out. This article has covered all the pros and cons of Macbook Air.

  • PRO: Macbook Goes Green – The iconic wedge design of Macbook Air is built from 100% recycled aluminum. It would be sounding like a simpler move, but this is a great step in the technological world.
  • CON: Slow Performance – While testing the performance of Macbook Air, it was found that it was well below average. It is made up more for casual computing work than for resource-intensive tasks. But it can easily handle the average tasks and is literally very powerful for users who’re using it for simpler tasks.
  • PRO: Impressive Display – Macbook Air comes with an impressive 2560 X 1600 resolution display with more than four million pixels. It has 48% more colors than the previous version. It gives more screens to enjoy your experience. The screen of Macbook Air has reached to the very edge of your enclosure with 50% thinner borders, making it one of the best displays for enriching the experience.
  • CON: Higher-Priced – As there are new features introduced with this version, then it means it would come with a higher price. It is one of the highest-priced in its category.
  • PRO: Improved Keyboard & Touch – The new keyboard removes the Touch Bar and thus giving you more space for the keys. Obviously, you would take some time to get used to the new layout, but this is one of the best changes to date. Also, the trackpad has been increased to 4.7” x 3”. This feature makes it much easier and comfortable to use the Macbook.
  • CON: Limited Storage – The base model of Macbook only serves you with 128 GB SSD. If your work is to store a number of videos and pictures, then it would fill quickly. You would have to visit Macbook repair Mumbai for the expansion of SSD.
  • PRO: Security with TouchID – This is surely the thing that makes Macbook Air stand out from all. There’s a small sensor present in it that makes your fingerprint into your password. The touchID would not only help you in unlocking your Macbook but can also be used for securing the documents, accessing the system settings and more.