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Right Macbook to Buy in 2021

Right Macbook to Buy in 2021


We love everything which has macOS however the major difference among the models means they are better or lower in “hardware” which ultimately means performance. Last year apple release a MacBook Air with an M1 chip of course 13inch this chip brings huge changes when it comes to performance and lowest battery consumption it’s more like speed like a Ferrari using CNG as fuel. But on MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 and the 16-inch inch MacBook Pro? They are still using it Intel chip we have heard that Apple releases the best Apple silicon chop for them. We personally always preferred a 13-inch display over 16inch yes 16-inch batter for a video editor.

What is the best Macbook?

One of the best which consumers less power but performed like a monster the M1 chip may be the ideal choice the fast charger (turbocharger) and that lithium battery can keep you online the whole day even the old 2017 MacBook Air battery performance is good but this is going to be a game-changer like old 2017 air now all MacBook Pro comes with SSD which runs smoothly on new Big Sur macOS.

There are models which are not upgraded for M1 chips yet? Well, there are possibilities apple will keep it with intel till most of the apps gets compatible with M1, or may for the fans of the inter-user the Apple Store still sells thunderbird 3 ports models running on Intel chips. The 16 inch MacBook Pro is the most powerful with that 1TB SSD storage, speakers, great battery life, etc it’s just another masterpiece from apple. What is my choice? If you are once who use Mac for browsing and word docs then M1 is the right choice for you but if you are the one who does development, 3d layouts, graphic works, music editing, video editing, etc in that case make a list of apps you are using or you will be using in next 1-2 years check if all those apps are compatible with M1 chips then use your wisdom and buy.