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Service Battery on Mac

When it comes to backup of any notebook computers apple stands first and no one not even nearby to have back-ups like apple macbook pro or macbook air. Let’s understand the battery optimization, issues & warning messages such as “Service Battery” etc.

How you can optimize the battery life

The macbook battery life mostly depends on the configuration & how you use the mac. The mac with higher configuration & performing work like video editing can consume more energy when compared with macbook air and doing work like browsing etc. If you go to the System preference under battery you will see a few settings such as “Optimize Battery Charging” etc you can play with these settings and check what best works for you without impacting the performance of the device. Remember when you optimize the battery it may drop the performance a little bit as in order to save power the macbook turns off many processes. The below image is from macOS Monterey.

macbook battery optimize

Here are a few tips you can use to optimize the battery life.

  • Turn on “Slightly dim the display while on battery power.” this will save make your brightness a little dull but the display consume lots of battery power in order to work once you make this setting mac will adjust the display power consumption
  • Turn on “low power mode.” this will make the mac to consume less engird hence the battery life is increased which can also make the perforce go down.

Diagnose battery issues

Let’s understand how you can check the health of any battery. If you get any message such as “Service Battery” or “Replace Now” this is mostly a hardware issue and the only solution to fix it is by repacking the battery of the macbook be it macbook pro or macbook air. No software can fix it. There are 2 ways you can diagnose it

  • Turn off your macbook put the charger in once you turn it on you can press key “D” (D stands for diagnose) it will boot your mac in diagnose mode and will ask you to connect to the internet later it will take 2-3 mins and you will get ERROR code meaning of that code.
  • Turn on your macbook click on “About This Mac” under the power and energy section you will see health information you will see Cycle count & Condition

Battery Replacement Macbook Mumbai

If your macbook has an issue with the battery and if you are searching for an apple repair center in Mumbai for apple Mac’s battery replacement you can reach us we have solutions for all Apple-related issues. With our onsite service, the work can be done onsite in less than 45 mins