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Laptop Macbook SSD Upgrade

If the hard drive of your laptop, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini is failed or planning to upgrade the hard drive to SSD (Solid State Drive) do get in touch with us on 977-300-4903 call or what’s app. The SSD can really boost the performance of the device can make a huge impact on boosting speed and multitasking.

SSD Types: It’s very crucial to check what kind of SSD is compatible with your device as SSD comes in various types like m.2 B, m.2 D, MSATA, SATA III, NVME, etc. if you can share the model / serial number of the device we can assist you better in assisting and installing the SSD in your Apple iMac, Laptop or Macbook Pro.

All SSD’s we install comes with 3 years of warranty and installation can be done at your place anywhere in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai. It takes approx 1 hrs for the whole process which included data backup, Installing SSD and OS Installation. We always make sure the data is safe before making any changes to the device. To get started for the SSD installation in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai for the laptop or apple mac devices call or what’s up.

Types Of SSD: There any different types of SSD and choosing the right Solid State Drive is depends on the user’s uses and model of the laptops SATA III, m.2, and NVME are the most common ssd when it comes to technology of the SSD MLC is preferred over QLC in a system where the user will use only for Microsoft Word, Excel and Browsing.

Why You Must Upgrade SSD: Even new laptops with a good processor like intel i5 can perform worst when they have an HDD instead of an SSD due to the low or slow file transfer rate SSD can transfer up to GB’s when Compared with HDD which max transfer rate are only in MB’s.

Secondary Drive: This is the best we recommended especially when the budget is low and want to get most of it in this process we remove the DVD drive and install old HDD in that place which works as a secondary drive and primary would be SSD which will have operating systems and applications.