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RAM Upgrade

Old laptops? Old Mac? Feeling sluggish, hangs lots or freezes when open multiples tabs on chrome? Adding more RAM memory could solve the problem. If your laptop doesn’t have enough physical memory, it tries to access some of the memory from the hard drive which makes it worst and slower. Most of the laptop does allow you to upgrade the ram memory.

RAM upgrade won’t cost you much money and can be done in less than 15 mins and it’s completely safe to upgrade RAM memory. If you are an advanced power user and have a habit of keeping 5-10 applications at a time with multiple tabs of google chrome adding more memory will surely be helpful. The best way to check how much ram you need to upgrade the open task manager in windows or the activity manager in macOS to check the existing performance while working and then make a call how much is more needed.

There are few laptops where RAM upgrade is impossible as it’s soldered on the motherboard hence you can use Crucial’s Memory Advisor tool type the model number and brand and check if that model is supported if yes you can buy the RAM and get it to install if you are having difficulty in doing you can get in touch with us we will do it for you remember there are 2-3 types of ram exist in such as DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 so it’s important to install right ram there are many few brands of ram we recommend such as Samsung, Hynix, Adata, Crucial and Kingston

How much RAM Memory is needed: The memory of any laptop or mac plays import role especially when you want to do the multitask more the ram memory higher the possibility to do multitask. RAM memory does not make your computer function faster.