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Tips for Buying a Used Macbook

laptop-buying-tipsWhen Apple releases its new products, you’ll be hearing about good bargains for a used Macbook. And with the latest information that the new Macbook has just hit the ground and also with the rumors of a potential refresh of Macbook Pro’s in the June conference, this is an awesome opportunity to buy a used Macbook. Buying a used Macbook is certainly different from that of buying a Windows laptop. Thus, one needs to be alert enough while checking it. If you don’t have much knowledge about checking its crucial parts, then get it checked through Macbook repair Mumbai service centers or laptop home repair service providers who can take few bucks to verify the device.

Also, in this article, we’ll cover some of the major points to be considered while you’re purchasing a second-hand Macbook (used MacBook).

“The tips are as follows”

Hardware Point

  • Hardware Condition: The most important aspect to be looked at is to examine the physical condition of the hardware. Examine the visible scratches. Look if the hinges aren’t open. For checking the hardware, go for below-mentioned tests:
  • Serial number: The first thing to be checked is its serial number. It could be found at the bottom of the Macbook. Compare the serial number with the software by going on the option “About this Mac”. Ensure that it has the same serial number printed.
  • Hardware Test: AHT or Apple Hardware Test consists of certain diagnostic tests for verifying hardware of the system. It is a great way of judging out any hardware issue.
  • Battery Condition: This is another important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Replacing the battery of the Macbook is an expensive affair. Thus, check the battery before buying it. Go on Applications > Utilities > System Information for evaluation of the battery status.
  • Facetime (Camera): For evaluating the camera on Macbook, open the Photobooth. Also, you can go for using the Facetime app to see if the camera is in good working condition.
  • Sound: Ensure the fact that all the internal speakers of the device are working. Also, look for the headphone port as well.

Software Point

  • For checking Software: With the hardware, it is also important to check the software areas as well. This is because it helps in the good functioning of the system. The tips for checking the software are as follows:
  • iCloud account: Check if the old Macbook user has removed his or her iCloud account while selling the Macbook. Also, pay attention if any feature of the Mac has been disabled.
  • Firmware password: Most of the users protect their Macbook with extra security, using the firmware password. Ensure the fact that the user has removed it. For checking this, reboot the system to recovery command and if there’s any firmware password, then it would be shown.
  • Reset the PRAM and NVRAM: Whenever you are buying an old Macbook, always remember to reset the PRAM and NVRAM. If you aren’t able to conduct it smoothly, then it is recommended that you should take it to Apple laptop repair centers for resetting it easily.