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Top Rated Apple Repair Centre Mumbai

Top-Rated Apple Repair Centre Mumbai

Bombay Computers is one the top-rated Apple Macbook Repair Centre in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai to get your apple devices repaired which is out of warranty. All parts we use for repair or replacement are Original or Grade A industry Standard parts which comes with a warranty, many issues such as mac battery replacement, apple keyboard replacement, mac broke display replacement, SSD Upgrade can be done ONSite at your place in less than 45 mins others issues like logic board repair or water damage can take 3 hours which need to be diagnosed at the workshop to get started with more questions/ queries or repair you can chat with us on our what’s app [CLICK2CHAT] and you can also reach us on 9773004903 we are open now. We are best when it comes to any apple macs or dell laptop repair any hardware or software issues can be fixed on the same day ONSITE.

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Apple Repair Center

Liquid Spilled Repair: Water damage repair required complete disassembly, diagnostic, and cleaning of all the components. If there is water spilled on your macbook or any electronic devices never try to dry and get it checked & serviced from the nearest Apple service center if you are in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai you can reach us the chances of liquid damage repair can be high if brought in the same day or few hours the more you wait the liquid spilled on the motherboard starts corrosion and if the corrosion entered the track of the logic board its become difficult to repair we are reached on what’s app or call us on 977-300-4903. if you are looking for any dell, hp, or Lenovo laptop repair click here.

Macbook Repair Centre: If you are in Mumbai & searching for a top mac repair center in Mumbai you can get in touch with Bombay Computers who can assist you with all types of repair related to apple MacBooks & laptops including apple iMac & mac mini repair issues related with keyboards, display, batteries, trackpad, etc can be fixed at your place infant of you in less than 30 mins. Issues such as liquid damage & motherboard burn can be repaired & delivered back in the same day all repairs we do come with a warranty

Keyboard Repair Mumbai: Broken Keys? or Non-functional keyboard of macbook we can fix it by replacement which hardly takes 45 mins which can be done onsite at your home or office all keyboard replacements we do for macbook are Original or Grade A parts which come with a warranty to get started you can reach us on 9773004903 for repairs.