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Water Spilled on macbook? Here is the safest way to save your macbook

Water Spilled on Macbook? Here is the safest way to save your Macbook

water spill macbookWater spilled on the macbook? Now do not panic it’s a bad day. If you will follow our instruction there are high chances that your macbook will survive that spillage without any data loss for those who are reading this information here is a few tips you can do to make sure it won’t even happen in the first place. If you are a person like me who sip water every 30 min then you must switch to a water bottle or sipper and stop using glass in the case while drinking coffee use a cover on the cup so in the event of spillage there will be less splash with more controlled manner. Now if there is spillage on your macbook here are the few things you can try before taking it to any macbook repair center as the initial first 2 mins after a spill is very much crucial and I am sure this article will come in handy when you really need to act.

Power Off: Turn off your device for any reason if the mac is frozen press the power button till it turns off and disconnects the power cord along with all external USB accessories such as the printer etc. Change the place of the device as there might be spillage on the table too which can enter from the cooling fan vents of mac. Use tissue paper to clean all the liquid is visible repeat same for 4-5 times with new tissue ensure that there is no visible liquid especially rub keyboard properly as that’s the place where it is highly likely that liquid can enter.

Type of Liquid: Some liquids such as soda, juice can more when compare to plane water as they are difficult to absorb as later even after dry the keys may become sticky hence after cleaning with tissue take a few drops of water on the tissue and rub the keyboard that that area can become super sticky that few keys may be stuck inside when pressed. (do not put water on the keyboard take it on a soft towel or tissue and rub it gently) repeat the process till you feel that most of the liquid is removed.

Apple Repair Center: Now there are many articles on the internet that says wait for 24hours or 48hours which we disagree with as if there is liquid got on the logic board or SSD storage after drying it will form corrosion which can damage the track of the motherboard and it will be impossible to repair also there is a chance of losing data if that moisture formed on the SSD storage. Which further will cost pay extra for Data Recovery Service Hence take it to any nearest macbook repair centre ask them to open and remove all the components clean all the possible visible liquid post-cleaning they can ensure the logic board is clean and put on test.

Once the macbook is turned on check all the keys if they are functioning for any reason if any key is not working you may need to get the entire keyboard replaced also make sure to take backup of important files as we have come across many situations where due to liquid spillage the storage of the macbook worked for few mins stopped booting. Once data is backed up check all the ports at the service center itself if there is any damage they can the apple repair technician can take a look there itself.

The thing never to do: Never try to put in a dry rice bucket or open it unless you have a manual to open it as there are many strips in the newer version macbook that can be torn if not handled in the right way.