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Why is my MacBook so slow?

Most the apple macbook pro or macbook air is generally fast when compared with any windows laptop but if you apple user and suddenly feel that your mac is acting weird booting slowly or hanging randomly so go through all the information given in this article on how you can boost the performance of you apple macbook be it apple mac pro or mac air the solutions apply on all the devices.

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There can be many reasons for slow mac booting or hangs while opening multiple apps. Before we try any troubleshooting just reboot your device and do a PRAM reset and check if there are any small glitches it will get fixed by NVRAM reset the process is very simple just turn off your device and once you turn it back on press and hold “alt+cmd+P+R” altogether and you can see the display flash which indicates the successfully reset has been done.

Updated apps or macOS:

I you have noticed that post the update of your device you are facing the slowness issue with your mac then there can be a possible reason that the software is malfunctioning and making your device slow in this case you must uninstall the app which has been updated and check if the issues have been solved or not if this happens due to macOS update you will need to take backup of your device in an external hard drive (Here is the simple step to take a backup of device using time machine, Connet the hard drive–> open the app called “time machine” –> click on backup now the process will start and it can take anywhere from 20 mins to 6 hours depends on the size of the data) once the backup is done you can turn off the device and press cmd+R which will boot the device in the recovery mode where it will allow you to re-install macOS fresh from the beginning.

Unwanted Apps in a startup:

Well keeping many apps on your device won’t harm but if those apps are running in the background then it can make your device slow as they continuously consume the hardware resources of your devices which is limited to the configuration you have. In order to stop unwanted apps from starting along with boot you can go to “System Preferences” –> Go to users –> remove unwanted apps from login items, this can improve the performance of any background app that is causing the slowness of your device. Also, check in the application folder if you find any unwanted apps you can delete those apps as these apps consume the storage which is generally limited if you are using a macbook air with the basic variant.

Activity Manager:

There is an inbuilt tool in all macOS called “Activity Manager” which allow you to track and monitor which process or services of the mac are consuming huge resources and making your device run slow if you are able to trace that you can eliminate it by terminating that services using the terminal in macbook or al together deleting the apps from mac.