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Why ONLY RAM upgrade on iMac is not worth?

I can remember last year one customer called and reported slow issue and request to visit onsite for a diagnose for the iMac performance issue the customer has done DIY from youtube and upgrade the RAM from 8 GB to 16 GB still there was no improvement in the performance and his iMac was mostly used for photoshop editing and video editing.

I introduced the customer to the SSD [Solid State Drive] which he was unaware, so we upgraded the iMac from HDD to SSD storage loaded all OS and his data the performance was unbelievable to him now if your Apple iMac / Macbook Pro is has issue with slow booting or freezes the best thing is to upgrade it to SSD first and RAM if it is required we have seen in most of the cases 8GB RAM worked perfectly unless u use Photoshop and any graphic editing software.

RAM: The function of RAM provides you a virtual storage example when an app is opened the RAM handle all the task u perform on it in real-time and when you do multitasking them RAM gets full and device start to freezes.

SSD: The SSD is the best invention happen for all laptops and MacBook especially the old devices if you want to read more about the SSD you can check [LINK]

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