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Macbook Keyboard Replacement

{ macbook keyboard replacement }

keyboard malfunction? We can fix the faulty keyboard of any apple macbook pro/air or any windows laptops. If you are in mumbai or navi mumbai searching for an apple technician or an apple repair store to get your keyboard you can reach us by calling 977-300-4903 or [chat now] (chat with us and book a technician for onsite repair ). onsite repair is available in 130+ locations of mumbai and navi mumbai.

onsite keyboard replacement can take anywhere from 45min to 90 mins depending on the type of mac device you have the spare parts we use for repair are of  “grade a”  and comes with a warranty. it’s quite common for a mac keyboard start malfunction in rainy days due to moisture, dust, etc many a time few keys stops working or automatically the keyboard starts typing itself it’s surely a bad keyboard which can be fixed by replacement we have also come issues where the mac was booting in ” safe mode ” by default booting in safe mode is also an issue related to the keyboard where the key ” shift ” is pressed while booting (shift key is pressed due to faulty keyboard) 

macbook keyboard replacement

why the keyboard fails: The keyboard is one of the most used parts of any mac or laptop. over a period of time after exposure to dust, dirt, moisture, etc day after day the keyboard eventually fail to work which requires a replacement which takes less than 90 mins you can place a request for our service so our technician can come to your place home/office for the repair.

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

under warranty: if the device is under warranty you can get in touch with the nearest apple service center (authorized center) near you. all devices which are under warranty have 1 year of support from apple store (note: liquid damaged is not covered under ” standard “warranty).

 The data is always safe when any Macbook keyboard or trackpad replacement is done as all the data, apps, mac-os is stored in ssd (solid-state drive) or hard drive.

butterfly keyboard: on all mac released to post 2018 apple has installed the newer version keypad type called ” butterfly ” compared to old fashioned ” scissor “keyboard it quit firm while typing and protect from dust but many customers have reported even this keyboard failed in few years (reason may be as these are still in its beta version) these keyboard replacement will take 1 day and required (pick – drop) where we can pick up –> repair and deliver back in a day.

why we are a good option: we are small and fast. all repair of apple macs and windows we fix in same days, warranty is the same or better than others the parts we use for any repair are ” original or grade a  ” to get started we can [chat nowyou can reach us for other services like macbook screen replacement, ssd upgrade, ram upgrade, laptop repair, etc.

{ macbook keyboard replacement }