Opening Hours

Mon-Sun 08:00–21:00


Phone Number

How it work

Call / Whats App

A phone call or WhatsApp chat with the technician can assist you in understanding the issue, solution, and pricing.

Onsite Visit

Our technician will come to your location equipped with necessary parts for diagnosis and repair/replacement.

Fix or Pickup

If the issue can be resolved onsite, we’ll handle it there. However, if a problem is detected with the logic board, we’ll pick up the device, repair it, and deliver it back to you on the same day.


We’ll contact you via call or text to provide an update on your device’s status, typically within 15 days.

How Our Pickup and Drop Service Operates? Here's the Process

We address a wide range of issues directly at our customers’ locations throughout Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, including screen replacements, keyboard repairs, trackpad malfunctions, macOS troubleshooting, and hardware upgrades. However, certain complex issues necessitate the use of specialized tools and expertise available only at our workshop. To streamline the process and minimize travel time, we’ve partnered with porter services to ensure swift and secure delivery. Here’s how it works.

[1] After confirming the need for device pickup, please complete the pickup request form with your essential details including name, contact number, device model number, and address. You can access the form through the following link: [Pickup Request Link]

[2] After filling out the information, you’ll receive a ticket ID number that allows you to track the repair progress (updated every 30 minutes). Additionally, you can communicate via WhatsApp at any time.

[3] After completing the information, we provide you with the contact details of the person who will come to pick up or deliver the device. The porter arrives with a backpack, but if you prefer to provide your own backpack for carrying, it would be appreciated. Your backpack will be returned to you along with your device.

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]