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How to Choose the Proper Display

If you are a Graphic Designer, Gamer or A person who likes sharp quality images and text on computer screen here are few things you must consider before buying a new laptop, monitor or while replacing a laptop screen. Remember these for 4 letter SRTG (Screen Size, Display Resolution, Screen Type & Graphic Processor) Most of the customer only look for Size of the screen well that is fine if you use your laptop or MacBook for general office work but consider Resolution, Screen Type can give you much better performance while gaming and graphic designing

What is Screen Size?
It the size of LCD or LED display which is fixed inside of laptop or MacBook top panel All screens sizes are given in a diagonal measurement. This is the measurement from the lower screen corner to the opposite upper corner of the screen. This will typically be the actually visible display area
1. Ultra Portable: 11” to 13”
2. Think & Light Weight: 14” to 15.5”
3. Bigger Screen: 15.5” and Above

Display Resolution: Screen Resolution is the number of the pixel on the screen listed in number across the screen the display can look very sharp and details when the graphics are run on the resolution higher resolution can increase workspace on the display the only drawback of high resolution is that font becomes smaller and little difficult to read but in case of graphic editing like photoshop, coral draw, auto cad etc the design has depth and detailed in term of size as we mention earlier that if you use the laptop for general browsing or office work normal display will be recommended. Here is the list of laptop and MacBook display resolution available.

* WXGA: 1366×768 (Standard)
* SXGA: 1280×1024
* SXGA+: 1400×1050
* WXGA+: 1440×900
* WSXGA+: 1600×900 or 1680×1050
* UXGA: 1600×1200
* WUXGA: 1920×1080 or 1920×1200
* WQHD: 2560×1440
* WQXGA: 2560×1600
* WQXGA+: 2880×1800
* WQSXGA+: 3800×1800
* UHD: 3840×2160 or 4096×2160 (4K Screen)

Display Replacement: If LED LCD screen of your laptop or MacBook has broken we can help you get it replace in same day onsite anywhere in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai areas we have ready stock of all DELL HP Acer Lenovo Sony & Macbook Pro Screen with higher resolution all screen we sell are of good quality and comes with a warranty.

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