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How to Buy a laptop for Work

How to Buy a laptop for Work

While choosing the right laptop for work the very first you have to consider your budget, preferred brand & Configuration of the laptop. There are 100’s of laptops when you search on the Amazon website we ask you to make a small list of brands you are willing to choose let’s say you have chosen dell and Lenovo now you can set your budget lets say XX amount now you can surf on amazon what are the options available but make sure budget alone should not be a priority if that happens you will end up buying a laptop which will not be any use or so slow that you will hate to use it.

Configuration: The configuration of a laptop depends on the work you do example a programmer will need a different kind of laptop than a banker so to know what configuration you should buy is simple just ask your colleague who are doing a similar job and take feedback from that after asking 4-5 people you will come to the conclusion which is processor is best for your kind of work now according to that processor search for laptop on amazon or local store keep the brand in mind and stick to it do not change the choice of brand unless it hit on your budget.

Display size: Normal laptops are 15.6 but there 12inch 13-inch laptops which are super portable and lightweight so but according to the need and not just 15.6 is cheaper than 14 inch so let’s buy 14 inches as in long run you will regret the choice of size. If you ask our opinion 14 inch is ideal laptop its compact and do most of the work

SSD: Do not buy any laptop which has a standard hard drive as the performance is very poor on a standard Hard Drive hence SSD is a must, Some vender may say it has SSHD don’t listen and go for SSD only, Having an extra free slot of ram is good as that will allow you to upgrade the RAM in future.

Pre Installed Windows & Office is recommended using licenses version allow you to update and which keeps the virus out and it does have a good impact on the performance of the laptop. Preinstall windows and office will cost you 3000-4000 INR extra but it’s worth investing. Laptops brands Dell, HP & Lenovo has good resale value compared to Acer or Asus also parts for repair are easily Available for dell brands.