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Macbook Repair Kurla

Macbook Repair Kurla

macbook repair kurlaOne may face many difficulties in getting their device repaired from Macbook Repair Kurla Center if the device is Out of warranty or vintage model along with this the Macbook Repair Mumbai store takes a long time to diagnose and fix there are many issues in apple products which can be resolved just by replacing with a new spare, for instance, a faulty keyboard or battery replacement of any apple macbook pro or air can take max 45 mins to 60 mins where in these stores keep the device of the customers for weeks for the reason of unavailability of parts, etc. We at Bombay Computers are doing mac repairs in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai region for many years and can promise to you get your device repaired in a few hours in case of the unavailability of parts we can get it done in 48 hours. Many issues related to Apple macbook keyboard repair or Battery Replacement we get it done onsite in less than a few hours. we are reachable on the what’s app chat and on-call [977-300-4903] we are open all days from 10 PM to 8 PM if you are in Kurla, Mumbai, and searching for apple repair in Kurla do call us to check what we have to offer for your device.

Data Safety

This is a key part of our mac repairing center all the work we do and we have done for years no matter what situation comes your data is always safe and no data is lost when we process any repairs. when we do repair on any device be it Apple MacBooks, apple imac, or apple mac mini even in case your device has liquid spilled and in dead condition, we make sure the customer’s data is safe. So when you contact us for any apple repair you can have peace of mind that the data will not be lost if you still have any concerns or queries you can directly speak with the technician on 977-300-4903 for macbook repair Kurla.

Apple Macbook Battery Replacement:

The apple macbook batteries are quite good & last long there is no comparison when it to apple mac batteries as they last easily for 2 years and one needs to get the battery replaced as soon you get the message saying “Service Battery” at our workshop we replace 2-5 apple macs battery each day all the battery we sell comes with a warranty any issues occurred we get it replaced with no question asked all work-related with the battery replacement on any macbook pro we get it done at ONSITE at your place hence you don’t need to keep your device to any store for days.

Apple Macbook Keyboard Replacement:

If your mac keyboard is acting weird then you can get in touch with the Apple repair center if the macbook is underwarranty in case it’s out of warranty you can contact Bombay Computers for the keyboard replacement most of the keyboard replacements of a macbook pro and the air we can get it done onsite in case of need of any pickup- drop we promise to get it done the same day. Our pick-up and drop service is available in 130+ locations of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai including Kurla, Govandi, Dadar, Sion, Wadala, Powai, etc

Apple Motherboard Macbook Repair Kurla

If there is any liquid spilled on your device and your macbook is dead we can do a repair on the logic board instead of replacing the whole motherboard The repairing of the motherboard of any apple macbook pro or macbook air is easy and cost less when it compared with a new motherboard replacement. The repair we do on the macs comes with a warranty of 100 days. We are one of the most recommended places for repair when it comes to any macbook repair Kurla Mumbai you can get in touch with us via whats app to know more information related to Apple repairs.