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Macbook Water Damage

Macbook Water Damage

Apple Macbook damage due to liquid spill is quite common and its very time consuming & stressful for any apple professional repair technician for repair, Generally, all other repairs involve Diagnose / Finding Parts and Repair but in an event of liquid spilled on Macbook Pro and a laptop the process of repairing extent to cleaning all parts/drying and most of the time additional parts like a Keyboard, RAM or Harddrive become unresponsive which may cost additional.

There is a post on my FB Page to check how you can shut down the Macbook after a liquid spill.

Here are a few things I would like to share, Your mac notebook is not covered under the Apple warranty for any liquid or physical damage unless you have opted for an accidental warranty. so the first thing checked is if your device is under warranty if yes check with any local apple service center near you. If they failed to repair and quoted yours for logic board price which you were not expecting do buzz me. You can directly reach me on my what’s app number with the below chat link I am available online most of the time.  [Chat Link]

macbook water damage

Macbook Water Damage

We can pick up the device on a request or you can drop it at our drop spot or at a store. We can diagnose it in a day once again the repair may take 1-2 days and we will keep you updated about the work. We are one of the best MacBook Repair Centers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai all our repairs come with a warranty cost of the fix will be a fraction of what apple center had quoted you.

Is my data safe on a water-damaged MacBook?

Yes, your data is always safe when we perform any repair. With our experience of repairing water damage macs, 99% of the cases we have seen the data is safe as long as the liquid has not got into the hard drive the chances of data loss are almost nil. We generally suggest removing the hard drive as soon the liquid has spilled so you can completely eliminate that 1% chance too. You can request us for a visit onsite for pickup will remove the Hard Drive or SSD where the date is stored and hardcover before doing pickup of the device.

How is the whole process work

Macbook water damage repair procedure is different from a general dead Macbook Pro repair as soon we get the device we remove the hard disk and verify it by connecting in another mac to verify if the data is safe in case we feel that there is a chance of data loss we start DATA Recovery Process and save all your data in our external drive once done we start disassembling each part of MacBook such as Screen, Battery, Motherboard, Charging Port, Trackpad then while the repair of a motherboard in the process we check all the components if there are any traces of water spilled if found we clean it with isopropyl and keep it for dry in case of keyboard liquid damage there is a limitation and do not allow us to clean from underneath of the keys. Once done we assemble the macbook back to its factory condition and the only logic board is out of mac on which we will perform the repair. All macs go through ASD Test before delivery to the customers.