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Apple Macbook Liquid Spill Repair

We are doing repairs on all apple mac’s for 9 years have successfully repaired lots of devices, yes in a few cases we even failed to repair and the customer has opted for a new motherboard replacement if you ask what is the most difficult repair in general then the first it has to be a liquid spilled or coffee spilled on the machine. what makes it worst?

Water Spilled MacbookWaiting to DRY: This is what makes it worst once any liquid spills on the Mac it will dry but after making huge damage imagine on the iron plate if you put liquid what will happen after 2 days the liquid will dry and the iron plate will have rust, removing rust from an iron plate is very simple but once the corrosion happens on the logic board it becomes mostly impossible to repair the liquid damage the tracks (line from where circuit flow) there are many onboard glued IC’s such as SMC Chip, GPU Card, CPU, Steel Mosfet which are very difficult to repair or replace in normal case liquid on these components make it impossible.

Trying to Turn ON: We always say if there is any liquid spill take it to the nearest shop and ask them to clean the liquid that will cost you only a few bucks and 1 hour turning it ON messy imagine there is liquid on the motherboard and then power flow in? It gets fry simple. Take it to any apple nearby store and ask them to open now 80-90% of liquid can be clean just by removing logic board outside rest 10% need to check on ic’s etc this will prevent the logic board from further damage.

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Waiting: If its a liquid spill,  the race starts you have to run to the local Apple Store before the liquid dry or call them home it has to be open and clean in 2-5 hours the more you wait the percentage of repair decreases you can call any Apple Store and if your device is out of warranty you can call us 977-300-4903 (Mumbai & Navi Mumbai) if you are far from us from any state or country you can drop a text can try to guide you what is best you need to do but once again you have to take it to the store ONLY nothing can be done unless it’s opened.

Understanding: Liquid spill is not important how much and where the liquid spill is important to let’s say if the liquid spill on the top outer case of Mac, on the trackpad few drops, on the keyboard, few drops or less than half cup under the base it’s fine you can clean it dry it under the lamp. But letting a Half cup of coffee on the keyboard, trackpad, or the air vents is bad. Keeping it in rice is a bad idea this information is for understanding the best solution you can get from any of your local technicians or you can catch us