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Apple Macbook M1 vs Intel Chip

Apple Macbook M1 vs Intel Chip


For years macOS and apple properties hardware parts are the game-changer and top earners when it comes to any notebook or tabs. Apple was always using intel chipsets such as intel i3, i5, i7, i9, etc but never compare their intel with intel in a dell or any windows laptops you might be shocked to know that apple SSD [Solid State Drives] is built by Samsung, Toshiba, etc. Apple always tries to experiment with their design, technology, hardware, software, and many so this time and the first time they have to build the chipset which the is Apple M1 chipset which works more like intel but consumes less power & fast like anything. The 13-inch macbook Air was the first macs to be powered with an M1 processer. The whole process was to make the device faster with less power consumption which in short the battery life increased by X2 compared to intel the m1 chip macs are cheaper to its customers. now if you are planning to buy one do read our comparison which can assist you to make your purchase decision.

Design: Apple’s new m1 macbook might seem similar to the Intel mac’s outside but inside the body, it’s a whole new different world most of the users will prefer to go with the apple m1 chip as its offer high performance, battery life, and less expensive compare to any Intel Macbook. When it comes to professionals we think Intel macs are better options for now but to its tried and tested performance and compatibility with apps. the third-party developers will need to redevelop their apps and optimize for m1 chips.

Cost: ₹92,900 is the cost of an apple macbook air, with 8GB RAM and 256GB Storage. Coming to the macbook Pro, the M1 MacBook Pro starts at ₹1,22,900 with 8GB memory and 256GB of Storage. [Dec 2020 Price]

Common as always: The other parts remain same such as 13.3 led retina its display, force touch bar, touch id (finger sensor), it has Bluetooth 5.0 which can connect to the device quickly compare to old macs also the sound quality has enhanced with Dolby Atoms but the cam is same as usual 720P HD cam.

Graphic: The latest M1 chips have better graphic performance even tho they have used integrated GPU instead of a separate one this will lower down the frame rate for gaming but as long as you are not gaming and also there are only a few games you can run.

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