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Macbook Repair Wadala

Macbook Repair Wadala

Macbook Repair WadalaApple Macs are slim, sleek, and sturdy to use and can perform well in any situation of production but they can slow down, malfunction, etc over the use of the device keep it serviced in the interval of every 12 months Apple is one of the top-rated when compared with other brands like Dell or hp but when it comes to after warranty repairs you have to choose the third party who is best macbook repair center Mumbai if you are in Wadala and facing issue with any MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or any windows laptop you can get in touch with on 977-300-4903 for macbook repair Wadala Mumbai. Stuck on booting is the most common issue mostly caused by hardware or software, in hardware, it’s related to the hard drive, and in software, it’s mostly related to the Apple macOS. Stuck on a grey screen? also indicate the issue with a logic board the possibilities are many and the best it is to get it diagnose, we at Bombay Computer also know as the best macbook repair Mumbai can diagnose the issue at no cost.

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Slow iMac: Every time you open apps and all you get is SPINNING BALL? We can fix it spinning ball is fine as long as it does keep you on wait for a long time and process the task you have assigned, this can be a possible issue with the Harddrive or macOS as something is blocking or taking and not allowing to access the information. With our onsite repair, we can get it diagnose and repair at your place on the same day. In case of hard drive failure, our technician will carry a spare along which can be installed post the diagnose of your imac or MacBook Pro.

Liquid Spilled: Water, Juice, or Beer spilled on Mac? It’s not done the very first step is to turn it off fully and stop using it, If the liquid has spilled on the logic board turning it on can just make the situation worst and may make it irreparable any liquid u see on the keyboard just wipe with the tissue paper and call your technician or else you can drop at our center or we can get it to pick on every water spill the keyboard and backlight of the keyboard have to be replaced and if the liquid has passed keyboard it can enter on the ic’s of the logic board post pickup we will open can verify the moth board if that looks good we will replace the keyboard pack it and Mac are good to go then.

Cracked / Broken Display: We have stock of most of the screen when you if you have broken the display on your Mac we can get it to fix it in the same day. All parts we use for Apple Mac are original and original parts do not impact the performance of the Mac. For any macbook screen replacement in Mumbai, you can reach us on 977-300-4903.