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Apple Repair

apple repairWe Bombay Computers are one of the best apple repair macbook centers in Mumbai, promise to get your device repaired in 48 hours. No time delay, No Diagnose Fees & Free pick up & drop from all Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. All the parts we use to repair the logic board are original or Grade A hence there is no impact on the performance of the device after repair. Our Macbook Repair Mumbai technicians are available all the time for support Onsite & Online where you can chat with them and share the issues you are facing on your iMac, Mac mini, or any windows laptops you will get prompt response & you can schedule a visit for repair as per your convenient our team is trained & experienced to work & repair on any apple hardware & macOS our onsite service is available in all the areas of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

Macbook Keyboard Repair: If your keyboard has become weirdo and malfunctioning by typing random keys or full stops with our onsite technician it’s 45 mins of job for any MacBook Pro or MacBook Air keyboard replacement we have stock of all Original & Copy parts with our apple chat support you can chat with the technician right now who can assist you with the issue and cost of the repair you can ask any question related with your Apple MacBook or Windows laptops we will be happy to assist you we can be also reached on 977-300-4903.

Macbook Display Repair: Bombay Computers is a reliable apple solution for all apple MacBook repair centers in Mumbai we are assisting with the repair of Mac for many years no work is small for us whether it be keyboard replacement, battery replacement, or MacBook screen replacement we make sure our customers get satisfied post all of our repairs any broken or cracked display can be fix on the spot at our workshop or due to COVID19 if you are searching for ONSITE assistance we will be grateful to assist you to display replacement take 40 mins which can be done at the lobby of your building.

Laptop Repair Centre: Apart from macintosh we also repair all brands of windows laptops including Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc, our service includes laptop keyboard replacement, display led repair, etc

All original apple OEM parts:  We can assure you all the repairs we perform we use Original parts in a rare case when the OEM parts are not available we go with grade A parts post-repair all the device goes through testing where we measure the performance. All repair comes with a warranty of a minimum of 100 days to 365 days.

Hardware Upgrade: Old mac’s or laptops become slow due to hard drives with our hard upgrade assistance we can check and suggest what is the best hardware possible available to upgrade your device which can make it faster and allow you to run all the latest apps and software including windows 11 and macOS Big Sur