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Apple Macbook Service

Apple Macbook Service

apple macbook serviceOut of warranty? No need to worry we can assist you we repair all Macs including Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac mini, Our repair service is available in all the areas of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. All repair we perform on the Mac comes with a warranty we fix all issues starting from keyboard issue, broken display, or water damage any issue we can fix in the same day. For any broken display, we can get it replaced in 45 mins at our store or at your place we keep stock of most of the displays hence our service is faster as we don’t need to hunt for the display. You can reach us at 977-300-4903 for any macbook display replacement in Mumbai. We understand your concern about the quality of the parts and we have the right supplier who provides us with the right part and grades A parts for any laptop or Mac we repair we are one of the best apple macbook repair centers in Mumbai with apple solutions & repairs. All parts we sell come with a warranty.

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Laptop Repair Center Mumbai

We do also repair all brands of windows laptops including Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc our repair service is available in all the areas of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai including Powai, Chembur, Sion, Thane, etc you can speak with a technician right now on the what’s app chat to discuss more the issue & costing

MacBook Pro Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair is one of the most complicated issues when it comes to any macbook repair but our expert technician can diagnose and fix it as long as the water has not damaged the intel Chip repair of the motherboard can take more time compared to any normal repair as when the liquid spill the water gets from the keyboard, passes through backlight and then gets on logic board so there are many likely chances that there can be damage of the keyboard too along with a logic board

Macbook Battery Repair

When it comes to replacement battery of the Old 2012 Mac it was easy but when it comes to the replacement of the battery for MacBook Pro retina or 15-inch retina pro its tuff for any non-experience person you can count on us for the replacement of any macbook battery our expertise can get t done in no time in fact in few mins the Mac battery comes with a warranty of a year to the get the right price of the macbook battery you can chat with the technician on the chat below generally cost of battery replacement for Apple Mac starts from 4000- 12000 depends on the model and type of batteries