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macbookIs your apple mac or macbook is non-working or water spilled on it? When any device comes to us for repair no matter how big or small is the issue we handle each device like our own and all the diagnose and repair is processed it using right tools and original or grade “A” parts these parts are same as OEM and meets all the technical requirement of the parts and comes with a warranty when it comes to any laptop repair or macbook repair we suggest to go with right parts are Chinese or low-grade components may impact the performance we can repair your Apple device quickly in delivery to you in the same day we can be reached on 977-300-4903 you can call for repair in Mumbai.

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Bombay Computers is more than a laptop repair store we mostly served home users from Mumbai & Navi Mumbai most of the repair is done onsite if anything related to the logic board which takes time for repair we pick it up and drop it from all Mumbai as we keep most of the need parts in stock, it’s very easy for us to repair and deliver back in the same day.

Battery Replacement: Apple macbook battery replacement take anywhere from 15 mins to 45 mins depends on the model we use original import batteries it’s a very practice to replace the battery when it crosses 900 cycles as mostly battery on this cycle gets partly faulty and you many notice the Mac become very hot while charging also the chances of the battery gets expand is higher which can pop out your trackpad.

Apple iMac Repair: imac refuse to boot or shows no power we can repair it in 4-5 hours broken imac replacement can take 2hours considering if we have the part available most of the 21-inch display is available but 27-inch imac display may take 1 day to arrange all come with warranty we do have a solution to make your imac faster in terms of booting and video editing. iMac repair needs special tools and skills as opening and closing is really pain using any local tools can make your imac display break at our workshop we have a required amount of setup to work on any imac.

Hardware Upgrade: Just macOS upgrade is only Half Done to make it really work fast you need SSD and RAM upgrade to the upgrade of any MacBook Pro, imac, Mac mini is based on the model as all apple laptops cannot be upgraded when you call us for any Mac upgrade we check what are the possibilities for upgrade based on your need and system current configuration just adding RAM will never make your device fast don’t believe us try and if it fails you can reach us for assistance on Mac mini the dual storage will be the best idea but same cannot be implemented on MacBook Pro retina.