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Speed Up a Slow MacBook by Following these Tips

How to Speed Up a Slow Macbook?

If you are Macbook owner for a few years for now and now looking forward to the Apple website for the expenses of buying a new one just because of the fact that its speed is slow, then no need to worry. You don’t have to buy a new Macbook to enjoy good speed. Either you can go for upgrading the software by visiting Mac repair or follow some of the tips for speeding up slow Macbook. In this article, you’ll find some of the major tips that will enhance the performance of your Macbook in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

  • Close all unnecessary apps: The best place to get started is to shut down all the programs that are running unnecessarily in the background. The system would be providing it some of the memory and CPU space for functioning it. Thus, it is recommended to close all the apps that aren’t of your use.
  • Use Activity Monitor to identify memory hogs: Most of the apps are more power eaters than others. And most of the time, some apps cause issues that cause them to grab more power than usual. For checking this, open the Activity Monitor in the utility folder and check for the apps which are taking more power than usual.
  • Edit preference panes: Open up the System Preferences and check for the custom items in the bottom-most row. If you aren’t using those items, then it’s probably taking more CPU’s capacity. Thus, for sorting this, remove unnecessary items from the Preference Pane.
  • Stop programs from opening at startup: Open up the System Preferences and then click on the Users & Groups. Then click in the Login Items. This will help you in viewing the programs which power up when you log in to the Mac. Click on the ones which you don’t want and then delete it.
  • Find out how much space is free: The speed of the Macbook also depends upon the empty drive space. It needs free space for writing and reading its files. Thus, find out how much space is free and by visiting Macbook repair center can help in providing extra free space.
  • Sort out your syncs: If you are using the iCloud for syncing the files across a number of desktops, then you would be encountering sudden slowdowns while the syncs in the background. Thus it is vital that you sort out your syncs in the devices which you want.
  • Move your photos: By looking at the photos, you’ll be surprised by the amount of storage it takes. Thus, it is always recommended to delete the photos from the Macbook as well as from the iCloud that is linked with all the devices.
  • Empty the trash and downloads: An easy way for speeding up the slow Macbook is to empty the trash folder and the download folder. It is important to clean up all the junk on a regular basis.

I am sure that the above tips by the MacBook repair technicians will help you speed up an Apple laptop.