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What is the most faced issue by Apple users?

apple common issuesApple Macs stand out as the preferred choice for users, known for their compact design and impressive performance in terms of speed, display clarity, and battery life. With 9 years of experience repairing Apple devices in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, we’ve encountered common issues in Macs that stem from inherent design defects, resulting in customers having to bear the cost of repairs.


Flex Gate:

To grasp the concept of Flex Gate, it’s essential to delve into the evolution of display cables in older Macs. Before 2016, Apple utilized replaceable display cables in all MacBook Pro models, including older ones like A1278 and A1286. This allowed for a more cost-effective cable replacement compared to replacing the entire display.

After 2014, Apple introduced Retina displays in models like A1502 and A1398. While these displays had a sleek appearance, the downside was that the display cables were no longer replaceable. In the event of cable or webcam damage, users were required to replace the entire panel, incurring significant costs. However, some repair options were available for cable issues, and companies like ours performed numerous successful repairs, offering cost savings to Apple users. [CHAT NOW]

In 2016, Apple introduced new MacBook Pro models like A1706, featuring USB Type-C instead of MagSafe 1 or MagSafe 2, a touch bar, and a display connected via a non-replaceable flex cable. This cable, being thin and short, contributed to Flexgate issues over time. The repetitive opening and closing of the laptop caused stress on the cable, leading to tears and potential display problems. Repairing this cable was challenging, with a low success rate, and the cost of display replacement in Mumbai amounted to 40% of acquiring a new device, without a guarantee against future occurrences.

Onboard SSD & USB IC:

Until the 2015 MacBook Pro or the 2017 MacBook Air, Apple users had a straightforward method for data recovery or preventing data loss in case of liquid spills. The removable storage allowed users to retrieve data by installing the SSD in another Mac or consulting a technician for data recovery services. However, with the introduction of the Apple M1 & M2 MacBook models, including A2337, A2338, etc., a CD32 IC (also known as the USB IC) became a crucial component. This IC operates on 20V with 2.5 Amps, and the line connecting it to T1, T2, and the SSD controller functions on significantly lower voltage. Any voltage spike in this IC can send 2V directly to the SSD, rendering the device inoperative with no possibility of revival. Data recovery for this type of issue is only performed by a few centers in Mumbai, making it an expensive process. Many users, including well-known tech YouTubers from the United States, have criticized the limited availability and high cost of this specialized data recovery service. [CHAT NOW]