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why my new laptop is slow windows 10

Its quite common question for the new windows 10 laptop buyers, the answer is simple it has a traditional HDD (Hard Drive) and not SSD (Solid State Hard Drive), here I have tried to explain in 3 possible reasons your new laptop is slow.

No SSD: this will be applicable to most of you I can say 80% -90% of the buyer is facing slow Windows 10 booting and hangs while multitasking on a new laptop. Without going in technical details just understand, everything like Windows 10 Operating System, your pics, the files everything you name anything is stored in the (traditional)hard drive and it has transfer rate of 100mb/second to 200mb/second which means no matter how much processing power a laptop has it will narrow down to 100 to 200 MB/second.

For example, let’s say you visiting the biggest mall in the world and entry and exit are so small that it can allow only 1 person every second to get IN and get OUT, I am sure you will have wait hours in a queue the same happens when it is a harddrive.

How: Read if you want to know the technical details or you can skip to next scenario, So when you press the power button all the files related with windows 10 operating system which is stored in hard drive try to load but as the laptop have a traditional hard drive with a “transfer speed” of 100mb /second it takes minutes to load.

Small Processor: Many times I come across where a customer has purchased a laptop with a small processing power example HP Stream 14-ax030ca now this laptop has an Atom processor whos processing power is slower than any of your iPhone. If you are using any processor like Atom / Pentium dual-core etc you the system will perform slowly sadly the processor are inbuild and can’t upgrade there are few limited ways to boost the performance.

Low RAM Memory: Generally most of the laptop comes with 4GB RAM if you feel it’s slow or gets hangs while working, open task manager by pressing ctrl + shift + ESC and underperformance tab check memory, its should be spiking up and down but must not go above 80% all the time. If you see there is a lot of spike above 80% get an additional 4GB RAM Install.

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