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How to fix an ssl error apple macbook

How to fix an SSL error apple macbook

ssl issue macbookSSL errors can be very annoying as they won’t allow you to browse the webpage and many a time lots of websites are permanently SSL blocked for many reasons mostly are invalid certificates, untrusted certificates, NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID, certificate expired, etc. where you cannot even proceed using proceed with “untrusted option” this can happen due to many reasons but here are the few top possibilities which you can try before you give it to any apple macbook repair center.

Check the clock:

Invalid time on the macbook can be one reason for it not letting to browse the website hence first check the clock which is on the right corner of your macbook and if you see it has an invalid time set it correct after setting the right time and date & if you notice that your macbook time changes automatically then it can a possible issue of logic board or mac battery you can self diagnose the battery & logic board here is how to diagnose macbook pro.

  • Turn off your macbook make sure the charger is connected.
  • Turn on and press the key “D” on the keyboard.
  • Connect to your wifi let it run ONLINE diagnose and see what error you get.
  • If the battery looks good you can get in touch with the Apple macbook repair centre

Alternate Browser:

You can also try with another browser such as google chrome, firefox & safari if the same issue persists also try to clear the cache & all history you can also completely delete and install new Google Chrome or Firefox.

macOS Upgrade:

Now it can be a possible issue with your macOS you might be using old macOS such as el Capitan or high sierra, etc & upgrading macOS can fix invalid certificate errors mac here is the step by step to upgrade your macbook.

  • Connect your mac air to the internet
  • Go to system preferences –> App Store –> Check for updates now
  • If there is any update available for your device you will get an install button which you can click and process

Offline Update:

If you see no update available only option you have to update it Offline for the offline update you will get in touch with Macbook repair technicians as now to update it offline it will need a USB with macOS on it here is list to follow before doing any update.

  • Take a full backup of your macbook before calling any onsite macbook repair technicians
  • When the technician arrives inform him about the issue and see what are options he has.
  • When it process its upgrade make sure your device is compatible with that macOS

Right, macOS is a must as if you install incompatible macOS it can give you issues in the future. Compatibility completely depends on what macbook pro you have. As in compatible version will fix the SSL issue but may create another issues such as macbook freezing randomly, Apps not working, Battery draining, macbook heating issues, etc hence make sure that you get all these things checked before you process with the upgrade.