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Laptop Repair Kharghar

Laptop Repair Kharghar Navi Mumbai

laptop repair khargharSearching for Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Apple Macbook Laptop repair in Kharghar you have reached the right place at Bombay Computers known as Laptop Repair Kharghar Navi Mumbai for best repair and service for all brands of laptops and apples mac’s to get started with any repair and services you can get in touch with us on 977-300-4903 or chat with the technician and share the issue you are facing with your device we are open 24hrs on what’s app chat hence you can drop a text issue you are facing along with the model number of the device. We repair all issues with Apple MacBooks and laptops including laptop keyboard replacement, motherboard repair, screen replacement, battery replacement of Mac air, broken display repair all work can be done onsite at your place in less than 45 mins to 60 mins all parts we use for repair are ORIGINAL or grade A which the user of our parts for any repair you never lose any data and there is no impact on the performance of the device in fact we make sure to clean the cooling fan of the device at the time of other work which decrees the heating of your laptop and Mac which improves the performance of the device.

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

Laptop Keyboard Replacement: Faulty Keyboard? We can help you with the replacement of the new keyboard of the laptop we have all original and grade A quality of the keyboard for all the models of the laptop and macs if your keyboard is malfunctioning you can get in touch with Laptop Keyboard Repair Mumbai by calling or what’s an app on 977-300-4903 [CLICK2CHAT] we are available for a chat all the time.

Macbook Repair Kharghar: we at macbook repair center Mumbai can fix any issue with the apple macbook air and macbook pro issue like keyboard replacement, display replacement can be done onsite in few hours at your home or office all the battery we deal with a macbook pro and air battery all batteries of apple comes with a replacement warranty and backup is same as original MacBook repair in Navi Mumbai

Laptop Screen Replacement Kharghar: Getting the right display replacement for your dell, hp, apple mac, etc is simple when you call the best laptop screen replacement center in Mumbai we have ready stock of all the models of dell XPS, dell latitude, dell Inspiron and apple mac’s display the cost of the display is based on the model of the device if you chat with our support team you can get an instant quote for the display replacement if the laptop has a water spill do read our blog on it Liquid Spill repair Navi Mumbai

Hardware Upgrade: If your laptop or macbook is old and if you are planning to use it for the next few more years than with our hardware upgrade plan we can assist right hardware upgrade for your device based on the model and current configuration we generally do upgrade to SSD from HDD and additional ram also in many cases where we may upgrade it the processer and graphic card.

Why Choose US: We do not charge anything to diagnose we only charge the service fees for the parts and our services which starts from 900 can go anywhere depends on the parts and services you opt for we can be easily reached on 977-300-4903 or [CHAT] chat with us from here for any issue related with apple macbook pro, macbook air or any windows laptops we do also repair mac mini and imac.

Our Services: Our service is available in all the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and 130+ locations in Mumbai for ONSITE repair and service to opt Laptop Repair Kharghar service you can get in touch with us.