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Macbook Repair Powai

Macbook Repair Powai

macbook repair powai

Bombay Computers is the #1 choice when it comes to any MacBook repair Powai for its affordable pricing & minimum 100 days warranty post-repair in Powai, Mumbai with the onsite repair of highly experienced teams of technicians to repair any damaged and water spilled laptops and Mac’s you can find our service best in city of Mumbai. We understand that a non-functioning or faulty Mac keyboard can be annoying while working we promise to fix it in a day along with a warranty. We are good the repair when it comes to any Apple MacBook Pro, Mac Air, iMac, Mac mini, or any windows laptop once we diagnose the device we share the cost of repair so there is no surprise and a quick estimate can be shared on whats app or on-call by doing a basic diagnosis on a call or chat. We are always happy to discuss the repair which we performed on the device & what caused it so you can avoid it in the future feel to call and speak with the technician team on 977-300-4903 or [CHAT NOW]

Macbook Repair Powai

Macbook Upgrade: If the current HDD HardDisk Drive is getting slower or the memory gets exhausted while opening multiple apps or Mac takes a very long time to boot? We can immediately diagnose this issue and fix it in a few mins to give your Mac even faster we recommend upgrading with an SSD drive which makes your Mac run 10X times faster we have done an upgrade on more than 500+ Mac you can check our Facebook or google page to check what our customers say about our service all SSD comes with 5 years of warranty upgrading RAM can allow you to open multiples apps and switch between without any pain we do not charge anything for diagnosing or pick up drop all you pay is for parts and our fees.

get a call from us in the next 30 mins or [CHATNOW]

Why Choose us: We believe in a higher customer satisfying experience and to achieve it we are always ready to go the extra mile while it comes to any repair all repair we perform is “DATA SAFE” you never lose any data when we perform any repair. The pricing estimates are shared on whats app to avoid any confusion about the pricing we process repair only after confirmation from our clients while doing a repair on the logic board of Mac or imac we make sure the laptop is fully serviced and vents are cleaned before we deliver to you. We fix 200+ Apple devices each month we are happy to serve you we can be reached on 977-300-4903 or [CHAT NOW]

iMac Repair: One the powerful desktop mac from apple if your imac is 2013 to 2015 and if regular update the macOS you might have noticed that imac has been slow and started heating this is mainly due to two reason the heating is caused due to poor ventilation as when the required service is not performed timely the dust is trapped inside the fans & vents holes which cause the heating. Booting slow is due to not having SSD its always recommended to upgrade macOS along with additional hardware such RAM memory if you want our technician can diagnose the issue on the call or chat we can be reached 24 hours on 977-300-4903 [CHAT NOW]