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Pros Cons of Macbook Air

The Macbook Air got released recently. Thus, it is vital that you take a look at the good as well as the bad side of the Macbook Air before you rush out to buy it. Obviously, it is one of the best laptop brands that are available to users. But ultimately, you would have to […]

Why ONLY RAM upgrade on iMac is not worth?

I can remember last year one customer called and reported slow issue and request to visit onsite for a diagnose for the iMac performance issue the customer has done DIY from youtube and upgrade the RAM from 8 GB to 16 GB still there was no improvement in the performance and his iMac was mostly […]

Macbook Repair

Macbook Repair Most of our repairs are done in less than 24 hours, few of the repairs are stuck due to the unavailability of parts after diagnosis. The repairs are performed using original or A grade third party parts which come with 3 months to 1 year of replacement warranty. Liquid Spilled Macbook Pro: Shits […]

Tips for Buying a Used Macbook

When Apple releases its new products, you’ll be hearing about good bargains for a used Macbook. And with the latest information that the new Macbook has just hit the ground and also with the rumors of a potential refresh of Macbook Pro’s in the June conference, this is an awesome opportunity to buy a used […]

why my new laptop is slow windows 10

Its quite common question for the new windows 10 laptop buyers, the answer is simple it has a traditional HDD (Hard Drive) and not SSD (Solid State Hard Drive), here I have tried to explain in 3 possible reasons your new laptop is slow. No SSD: this will be applicable to most of you I […]

MacBook Air Screen Replacement Cost in Mumbai, India

MacBook Air’s original new display/screen replacement can cost anywhere from 22,000 (INR) to 35,000(INR) with a warranty in Mumbai, India. The display will be 100 percent original for Apple MacBook Air. Apple authorized service center it costs around 40,000 around in Mumbai, India with a 90 days warranty.  Warranty Devices: If your MacBook Air is […]

MacBook repair services Koper khairane

MacBook repair services in Koper khairane Liquid spill on MacBook? Call us now 977-300-4903 right now and save your MacBook Pro, Air, Retina from the liquid damage. We have pickup and drop facility, We will replace the affected part immediately and get on track within  24hrs. Apple MacBook Air repair center Koper khairane: Bombaycomputers understands […]

Best Laptop brands 2019

Best Laptop Brands for 2019 Buying a Brand new Laptop that should do all which you need it to be and Last years, too. That means buying a trustworthy brand Laptop. Things which keep in our mind before buying new Laptop is Budget, Second actually what work you’re going to do it. So if you’re […]